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10 Questions We All Want To Ask The Rutgers University Bus System

10 Questions We All Want To Ask The Rutgers University Bus System

Every student at Rutgers University can attest to having had a not so glamorous moment involving University transportation and parking. These moments are what make us closer and what allow us to appreciate these ten questions every student wants to ask the Rutgers University bus system.

1. Buses, why do you leak?

Picture this, you run for the bus in the middle of a rain storm, struggle passed the giant mob, and sit down before registering that you have made a terrible mistake. The seat is wet and you can feel drops of water landing on your head. Welcome to Rutgers buses where the roofs leak so bad that they might as well not be there. In these events I have learned it’s better to stand!


2. Bus drivers, why do you roll up to the stop and keep rolling so everyone has to chase you?

I’m a big advocate of exercise as much as the next guy, but usually not in between every class. You see, students often wait in large clusters around a bus stop waiting earnestly for transport. Rutgers students know the struggle of watching a bus slow down enough to make you think it’s stopping but then continue on to the very end of the sidewalk.  It’s up to you to beat the mob’s sudden change in direction. May the odds be ever in your favor!



3. Parking on College Ave, where are you?

“Look for a spot on College Ave”, they said. “It will be easy”, they said. Unless you’re willing to put money in a meter or drive around the same corner for thirty minutes: don’t, just don’t.

4. Why does there appear to be an endless amount of LX buses but only one F bus in operation?

If you live on Cook campus I feel your pain; the F buses are few and far between. As a result of this, the College Hall and Biel stops are going to be packed! It’s better to leave super early so you can assure you get to your class on time and don’t have to pass on buses that are just too full.

5. When the Bus stop monitor reads, “arriving” but the bus is nowhere in sight. What? How? Why?

A modern mystery coming to a theater near you…


The monitors at Rutgers bus stops are ‘supposed to’ note how long until the next bus arrives, but when this scenario occurs it can be incredibly frustrating. There have been moments where “arriving” turned into waiting thirty minutes. Beware of the weekend buses where this happens all too often!

6. Why do bus drivers decide to take a break when you’re always just about to make it on time? So close…

I see you, Nancy, do not take that smoke break. Don’t. Please don’t do it. Nancy–Nan–. Yeah it goes a little like that… without the futile pleading. I have come to fear the student center, like most students, when I see the driver stand up.



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7. Paying for parking passes?

I made the mistake one year of paying for a Cook campus pass but subsequently ended up having most of my classes on College Ave. Parking tickets are not fun…but neither is paying for parking.

8. Parking Garage on Easton Ave, I promise I’m only dropping off a friend *wink wink*, please open the gate?

If you live in the Easton Ave Apartments you know how frustrating the parking garage downstairs can be. The gate used to be open all the time and security rarely manned their post. Nowadays? Impossible to sneak through if you don’t hold the golden ticket. Which apparently you have if you’re a Robert Wood Johnson employee. Who knew?


9. Dear LX driver, why do you take turns like they’re the most exciting part of your day?

I never knew pure joy until I saw a bus driver’s face as he whipped it onto 18. I think most Rutgers Students can attest to some pretty head-in-hands moments when it comes to university bus drivers. They get you to your destination, though, so it’s hard to complain too much.

10. Night Mover, do you promise to always be bae?

When the buses stop running the Night Mover has your back. If you’re ever on campus into the early morning and need to get around just call up this beautiful mode of transport and they’ll be there in a jiffy. Ahh, sweet transportation.


What do you think of the Rutgers University bus system? Comment below!
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