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10 Questions We All Want To Ask The MSU CATA Drivers & Parking Police

10 Questions We All Want To Ask The MSU CATA Drivers & Parking Police

Not only does the MSU CATA sometimes pass you by but sometimes when it's super cold they are no where to be found. Now don't even get me started on parking.

We have all had the moment where we truly hate the CATA/parking at MSU, because lets me honest they can really suck. Not only does the MSU CATA sometimes just pass you by but sometimes when it’s super cold they are no where to be found. Now don’t even get me started on parking…..

1. Do the CATA drivers relish in passing me by at the bus stop?

In those glorious winter months sometimes there will be too many people in the bus so they don’t stop at your bus stop. Meaning they leave you there to get frostbite…I bet they could fit just one more person on by NO, they just cruise on by you, punishing you to a dreadful cold and depressing walk to class.

2. If the CATA bus hits me, do they pay my tuition ?

NO, just no guys, t’s a myth so don’t walk in front of any buses. Don’t be Regina George.


3. Do the CATA bus drivers realize how close they are get to hitting my car/body?

Sometimes when those CATA buses come roaring around the corner I honestly don’t know how the drivers are certain they won’t hit you because sometimes they get so close I shut my eyes and brace for impact.

4. Why can’t there by extra buses in the winter?

Review question 1. Sometimes in the winter time (because everyone and their mom takes the bus when it’s cold) the buses don’t actually have room for you to get on. Even though you paid for a bus pass, your MSU Alert says if you spend more than 5 minutes outside your exposed skin will get frostbite, and your class is across campus…So more buses please?



5. Why is there not more parking?

Lets just get one thing straight, THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO GO TO MSU. Therefore, there should be enough parking to accommodate for that because not everyone lives on campus. But no, you have to play parking wars with every single person who has class at the same time as you in the same building.

6. Why is parking so bloody expense?

I swear to god I’ve spent more money on parking than I do on food. Help.

7. NO SERIOUSLY, why am I spending my poor college money on parking?

This question needs to be asked twice because parking for 30 minutes costs almost a whole dollar, 30 MINUTES people. Not to even mention you have to pay to park at Olin? Like I’m sick and I’m probs gonna have to pay for a prescription for my illness you evil human why am I paying to park…..

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8. Why does MSU parking police hate all students?

I’m not kidding you they will hand out tickets like lollipops on Halloween guys. Watch your back.



9. How on Earth does the MSU parking police know the second my time runs out on the meter?

I can’t even remember how many times I have received a ticket MINUTES after my time runs out, like honestly how do they do that. Are they everywhere all the time? Do they have cameras and drones keeping tabs on us? Seriously I want to know the secret, are they spies.

10. Why is there not an app for the bus system?

It took me a solid few months freshman year to figure out THERE IS ACTUALLY AN APP FOR THIS. Save a life, get the Spartan app.

What else do you want to ask the MSU CATA drivers & the parking police? Share in the comments below!
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