7 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Decide To Rush

Deciding to rush is a big decision and there are questions you should ask yourself. Here are seven questions to ask before you rush.

Deciding to rush is a big decision and there are certain questions you should ask yourself. Here are seven questions to ask before you rush.

1. Am I ready for the time commitment?

Just to give you a little glimpse into the time commitment – we have chapter once a week (usually Sunday nights), many events to attend during the year, and fundraising almost all year round for our charity. Also, we HIGHLY encourage spending time at the house to get to know other girls. Some sororities even require study hours (I had to do some freshman year and it was actually very helpful). I have complete faith in your time management skills, though!


2. Can I afford the dues?

This one is SO important. We try to talk about dues around the third day of rush week, but usually girls are so excited to talk to sisters and look around the house that they’re not really paying attention. I know when I rushed, I was like, “Oh whatever the dues are, it’ll be fine! My parents are paying!” But in reality, it can be pricey. Nothing breaks our heart more than you having to drop in the beginning of the semester because you realized you couldn’t afford it.


3. Is being in a fraternity or a sorority something I want to do? Or do I want to because my parents want me too?


I can not even begin to explain how many girls have gone through recruitment that were there only because their mom wanted them to be. If being in a sorority isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways to get involved! Although, I do strongly suggest being in a sorority, but I guess you could say I’m biased.

4. Will I trust the “rush week” process?

Warning: there will be tears during rush week – if not from you, then from girls around you. I have heard so many stories of girls being so devastated when a house “drops” them. But here’s the truth- we know what we’re doing from the inside, and if you get dropped it’s all a part of the process to make sure you end up exactly where you are meant to be. We’re not trying to be mean, we’re trying to help!

5. Am I comfortable with talking to random girls for a whole week?


If you have social anxiety or get nervous talking to strangers, then I feel obligated to tell you that this is exactly what you’ll be doing all week long. It is our absolute GOAL and mission to make you feel as at home and comfortable as possible though. This is an awesome opportunity to step out of your comfort zone!

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6. Can I go in completely unbiased and open minded?

Throw everything you’ve “heard” about sororities out the window. Don’t feel obligated to run home to a certain chapter because your best friend is in it, or because you’ve heard awesome things about them. Trust yourself, don’t listen to rumors & don’t let anyone sway your opinion. Do this for YOU, and only you!



7. Am I ready to make the best decision of my life?

Rush week can be hell, I know this from both the outside and the inside. But running home on bid day, makes it all SO worth it. Running into your new sisters’ open arms and knowing that you have a safe haven for your college years is the best feeling in the world. Trust me on this one.

What are some other questions you need to ask before you rush?
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