15 Questions To Ask A Sister To Make Sure A Sorority Is The Right Fit For You

15 Questions To Ask A Sister To Make Sure A Sorority Is The Right Fit For You

Going through recruitment was one of the hardest things to do in my life so far. A lot of tears were shed throughout the 4 day process of meeting 7 very different sororities. It is a very overwhelming expierence, especially if you are like me, a true introvert. Looking back, several months later, asking members questions is the best thing you could do to find your home away from home! Keep reading for some of the best questions to ask to make sure a sorority is the right fit for you!

1. Why did you go through recruitment?

Majority of the time, girls go through recruitment because they want to be an active member on campus, or make new friends.  But who knows maybe the girl has an unique story that you can bond over later!


2. What is the cost of being in this sorority?

Every sorority has a set price point each year, rather if they have a house, etc.  If you are worried about money don’t be afraid to ask.  Most girls pay for their sorority on their own!

3. What is your philanthropy?

Most likely you will find about their philanthrophy during Philanthropy Round, but go ahead and get more specific.  We take pride in raising money for our philanthropy, especially for CMNH!


4. What do you guys do for your philanthropy?

Similar to the previous questions, at Kent State each sorority/fraternity put on a huge event to raise money for their philanthropy.  Models for Miracles was a huge event last fall and girls love to talk about how great the experience was and how they loved getting involved!



5. Is sorority a big time commitment?

This is actually an important question to ask a member.  They will be able to tell you how they manage being student and still being involved and being an active member.  It is possible don’t worry!

6. Do you enjoy living in the house?

Sadly, my chapter at Kent State does not have a house.  But, I always asked this question every time I talked to a girl at a different sorority because sometimes it is the reason for extra costs.

7. Do you have a favorite social/sisterhood?

This question allows the member to tell you about all the fun things they get to do together as sisters! Rather it is an overnight retreat off campus or just making Valentine’s Day Cards for the children at local hospitals.  You’re going to be spending a lot time with these girls, it is nice to know what all you guys can do!


8. What does getting a “Big” mean?

This term might be something you haven’t heard of before.  If you ask this, you will for sure have this sister gush all about another girl in the chapter, how could you not want someone to do that about you? Big/Little week was easily the best week of my life.

9. Are academics important?

Some girls tend to get worried that their grades will fall due to a commitment this big.  However, grades do come first and there is always a standard in each sorority academic wise, always ask if you are concerned!

10. What if I don’t make any friends?

This is one thing that I did not personally ask, but it was always back in mind.  Just know there is roughly 200 girls in each chapter, you will find someone just like you!


11. Is there any hazing that happens?

Luckily, Kent State is Anti-hazing school.  That means no worrying about the horrible things you hear from schools.  The Greek Community even has a whole week dedicated to this!

12. Are you guys close with the other sororities?

By the time Kent States recruitment roles around, you probably heard the phrase “No Matter the Letters, We are All Greek Together” to many times to count.  But this important to know, every school is different, make sure it is something you are comfortable with.

13. Do you have leadership role?

Every girl has a role in the chapter, but if you are looking to move up, their there to explain the different ones to get involved with.

14. How can I become an active member?

Chapters want girls who seem interested in partcipating in everything we have to offer, even if it is just someone to get food with.

15. How did you know this sorority was for you?

Like the first question, every girl has a similar story.  But there could always be a little extra something within.  It is a great question to bond over, especially if you guys having something in common!


Besides asking these questions, trust the recruitment system! If you bond with at least one girl, you will find your home away from home!

 15 Questions To Ask A Sister To Make Sure A Sorority Is The Right Fit For You
15 Questions To Ask A Sister To Make Sure A Sorority Is The Right Fit For You
Do you have any tips for how to make sure a sorority is the right fit for you? Comment below!
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