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10 Questions To Ask Before Moving In With Someone

10 Questions To Ask Before Moving In With Someone

Before moving in with someone you want to make sure you two are compatible and can live amicably together. Here are some questions to ask before deciding.

Whether it’s off to college or a new apartment, sharing a room is the hardest part, especially if you had a room all to yourself your entire life. Here are some questions that need some answering from your roommate contenders before making any final decisions and moving in with someone!

1. Do they snore?

I know it’s weird but yes! I promise you this question is essential. Personal experience includes five nights of no sleep straight, and no one wants to be up all night.

2. Are they outgoing?

Figuring out whether your potential roomie is outgoing or not is a huge contributor. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with them, so if they prefer the library and you prefer the party scene, I’d say you aren’t as compatible as you think. Maybe you’re the more introverted one who enjoys time by yourself and the constant “swinging by” of your roommate’s friends is too much? Let them know that’s just how you roll.

3. What kind of music do they listen to?

This one’s a no-brainer. How can you put Harry Styles on full-blast when all your roommate listens to his Nickelback?

4. What are their religious beliefs?

This is a tricky yet doable question to ask. Regardless of religion, everyone should treat each other with equal amounts of respect. Learning about one’s religious views allows others to know their boundaries. And hey, you may find a thing or two to be interesting!

5. Are they a neat freak?

You don’t want to have to be THAT roommate who is always nagging everyone to clean up or do laundry. Make sure your roomie has a grasp on the word “clean” and what it means to you.

6. Do they drink, smoke, etc.?

Believe it or not some people are allergic to tobacco products. Other times it just grosses people out. So establish the kind of “fun” you’re willing to go through in your living environment.

7. Do they have any allergies?

Let’s just say you would have an ex-roommate if an allergic reaction were ever to occur…

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8. Where are they from?

What? Bostonians and New Yorkers never got along…

9. Top or bottom?

Definitely NOT what you’re thinking! If there ever comes a time where you have to choose bottom bunk or top bunk, would your roommate be accommodating?

10. What are they willing to buy?

Is your potential roommate willing to buy the fridge if you purchase the microwave and keurig or other way around? Either way, come to a mutual agreement on cost for amenities.

Hope this set of questions helps guide your way to a healthy dorm lifestyle! Got any other helpful questions you might like to know before moving in with someone? Leave them in the comments below!
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