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20 Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

20 Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

We all think of questions we want to ask but are afraid to, and when it comes to guys, it seems girls have a lot of the same questions. Personally, I’m quite blunt when it comes to questions I want to ask a guy. Just last week I asked a guy when he was going to cuff me, and this week he asked me what sex felt like for a woman. For me, openness and honesty is key to a healthy relationship, but sometimes there are questions you just can’t work up the nerve to ask. Here are 20 questions girls want to ask guys, and how guys would actually answer. 

1. Do guys talk about girls like girls talk about guys?

Although we may like to think guys talk about us the way we talk about them, the reality is, this isn’t always the case. While my friends know my new boy’s entire life story, his friends know my name and that’s about it (and some of them can’t quite seem to remember that)! One guy I asked said his conversations with his friends go something like this:

“Yeah so I’m hooking up with this girl.”


“Oh cool.”

And that’s it! Crazy how that works.

2. What are big turn-offs for guys?

When you’re into a guy, you want to know of course if he’s into you. Is he attracted to you? Are you doing anything that turns him off? Consensus on the biggest turn off for guys: bitchiness. In other words, just be nice! Guys hate when girls are rude, catty, and entitled. Everyone has expectations, but when things don’t go your way, find a way to work through it instead of bitching about it. Girls are more emotional, but guys are logic-based, and when you can’t seem to get past the fact that something upset you, guys get annoyed. 


3. What are things girls do that turn you on?

Answer: when she has a personality and can hold a conversation! Guys see a lot of girls as pretty or physically attractive, but your personality makes you different. A guy can think you’re hot, but your personality and the conversations you have are what sets you apart and turns him on. 

4. Do you care if a girl shaved or not?

Nope! Don’t care. As long as it’s groomed and clean, it doesn’t matter. However there is a difference between hygiene and personal preference. Do what you want with your hair, but whether you decide to shave it, wax it, or grow it out a little bit, make sure it’s clean. Remember girls, the theme for guys is “I don’t care,” and they really don’t! Unlike when he asks you where you want to eat and you say you don’t care… oops. 

5. What’s your favorite thing for a girl to wear?

We might think that guys are always judging how we dress, but the reality seems to be that they really don’t care (take note ladies, this is a common theme)! It depends on the occasion. If you’re hanging out at home, they like to see you in sweatpants and a hoodie. If you’re going out, a dress or jeans and a cute top. Dress for the occasion but don’t overdress, and dress for you, not for him! Confidence is the best thing you can wear. 


6. What makes a good BJ?

This isn’t something your health teacher taught you how to do, and from my experience, most girls learn from porn or from their friends. But really, what do guys think about when they’re getting head? What makes a good blowjob? “No teeth.” That’s it?! That’s the only criteria?? It doesn’t take much skill ladies. Just leave the teeth out of it. 

7. How often do you think about sex?

I asked this question and the answer was “every day.” I asked for more specifications. “Every hour.” Well 24 times a day is much different! Guys tend to think about sex a lot more than girls, but did we really expect anything different?

8. Do you enjoy giving head or do you do it just for the girl’s pleasure? 

A lot of girls have this question, especially when it may seem like guys just do it “to be nice” or  to receive reciprocation. But most guys actually enjoy giving head, and of course pleasuring the girl is a bonus. This is why communication is key when talking about sex!


9. Do you ever think about marriage?

A lot of girls dream about their wedding day, their dress, their married life. But do guys ever think about getting married? You might be surprised that a lot of guys do!! They may not know what brand they want their tux to be, but they think about it more than you may have guessed. 

10. What do you notice first about a girl?

Wanna know what makes guys attracted to you? Hint, it’s not what you may think, but instead, a wholesome answer: your face! Guys look at your face first and notice your natural beauty, which leads us to the next question… 

11. Do you like girls better with a lot of makeup on or without a lot of makeup? 

An overwhelming majority of guys prefer girls with natural makeup or no makeup at all! When we’re getting ready to go on a date or drive to a guys house for a d appointment, especially if it’s a newer relationship, we’re pulling out that foundation, the mascara, our highlight and brow wax. But do guys really care? The general consensus seems to be that most guys prefer natural makeup or no makeup at all. I refer back to a lyric from Drake in “Best I Ever Had,” “sweatpants, hair-tied, chillin with no makeup on– that’s when you’re the prettiest I hope that you don’t take it wrong.” We can always count on Champagnepapi to speak the truth. Your natural beauty is what makes you, you. And if he’s here for the right reasons, he likes you for you!



12. How do you feel about period sex?

Girls seem to care way more than guys about period sex, worried that the guy will be grossed out or be mad. But we’re back to the main theme, guys really don’t care! Like we said, they think about sex every hour, so a little period blood isn’t going to phase them. 

13. Would you care if your girlfriend had a lot of guy friends?

Nope! If it’s a healthy, trusting relationship, guys don’t care if you have a lot of guy friends, especially if he’s cool with them too. If they’re constantly hitting on you, that’s another story. But you shouldn’t change who you’re friends with for a guy, and if he’s good for you, he’ll love your guy friends just as much as you do. 

14. Is there such a thing as a good pussy? Can you feel the difference?

Girls get insecure. It’s in our blood. What makes us good in bed, how tight or wet we are? Everyone’s body is different, and girls often wonder what guys actually like. The consensus is that it’s not about your body, it’s about the sex itself: the emotional connection, the passion, the activity, not your vagina. So you can relax.

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15. What would you want to do on a first date?

Easy answer: sit and talk. First dates are meant to get to know each other, so anywhere you can go to just sit and talk, whether it be a park, the beach, or a coffee shop, is perfect for a first date. 

16. Do you care about a girl’s body count?

Nope! A girl’s past sexual partners doesn’t make her any more or less attractive. Body count doesn’t matter.



17. What are your thoughts on paying for dates? Would you want to pay? Would you want to split it? 

Most guys like to pay for dates. Whether you offer or not, most likely they’re going to be ready to pay for you. But it’s always nice to offer to split, especially if you’re both broke college kids. It be like that. 

18. If a girl told you she’s never had sex, would it freak you out?

Guys don’t tend to freak out about much, including when you tell him you’re a virgin. Some might even be excited that they could be your first time! So if you’ve never had sex, don’t worry. The guy you like most likely won’t care. 


19. Do you like when girls make the first move?

Yes! Confidence is attractive, and having the guts to make the first move is a major turn on for guys. So go for it!


20. What would you want a girl to do (inside or outside the bedroom) that you wouldn’t ask her?

Most guys will tell you what they want, unlike girls, their filter isn’t as thick. A key to a healthy relationship is communication, so if you want something, ask and talk about it!


What are some questions you’ve always wanted to ask guys but never had the courage to ask? Let us know in the comments below!

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