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10 Questions Every FSU Student Asks Themselves

10 Questions Every FSU Student Asks Themselves

The questions you ask yourself at Florida State University all the time are probably being asked by other students as well. Continue reading to see that you are not alone in this unpredictable adventure! Here are 10 questions every FSU student asks themselves!

College life can be really stressful. There are some actions we just know are bad but we do them anyways then question them shortly after. But hey, you live and you learn right? The good news is, the questions you ask yourself all the time are probably being asked by other students as well. Continue reading to see that you are not alone in this unpredictable adventure! Here are 10 questions every FSU student asks themselves!

1. How am I️ still alive?

This is the 6th time this semester I’ve gotten a cold. Is there a problem with my white blood cells at this point or are the dorm rooms really just that gross? I know they always talk about getting hit by a bus to pay for tuition but what about when diseases constantly hit your immune system?

2. Why did I️ drive to class?

I️ knew that every garage was going to be full yet I️ am still here circling around the 7th floor of Pensacola. *Rolls down window creepily* “hey are you leaving by any chance? I’ll give you a ride to your spot! I’m not a serial killer I️ swear.”


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3. Why did I️ go out last night?

I wore one of my three cute outfits out to Recess only for it to get spilled on by Chad in the first ten minutes. News flash Chad, I have two more outfits in my closet and I will see you again next week.

4. Why did I️ take this class?

The reviews on Rate My Professor all told me no but my body told me yes. Would I rather wake up early for a 9:30 class with a good professor or take the 11:00 class with the 1 star professor? Obviously the second option.


Me drinking my coffee before 11:00 class:
This is fine

5. How do girls go out every weekend and still have perfect bodies?

I️ go out once a month and every time it ends in me going to McDonald’s and regretting it right after. However, every girl on the explore page on Instagram seems to have a 10/10 beach body 365 days a year yet they have pictures at Pots from every Happy Hour. Is there some line of diet vodka that I don’t know about?

6. Is it normal to cry this much?

Oh hey mom. It’s me again. Yes this is the 5th time I’ve called you this week crying but I swear I’m fine, it’s fine, everything is fine. You see, it’s just that I took on too many classes and I just failed an exam and I don’t want to end up alone and why am I fat now?


No nothing is wrong I'm fine - No nothing is wrong I'm fine Dryed up spongebob

7. Why am I fat now?

I exercise sometimes and I slip in the healthy meal here and there but I still gained 10 pounds. Oh yeah, it’s because diet vodka has still not been discovered. Also, sometimes I eat away my feelings but that’s probably not it.

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8. If start going to Madison Social will I be cool?

The girls from my Instagram explore page go all the time and they look really cool. If I start going will that up my status or?

9. How do people go to class/work/gym/socialize?

I can barely handle going to class and people do it while working too. Do these people just have flawless emotional stability or are they robots? On top of that of course they fit in the gym six times a week and still make it out to Madison Social.


Who can anyone look this happy doing homework? Robots.

10. Why did I go to Heritage?

It’s not like I expected to have a good time. It’s because I fit in with all of the trash on the ground.

Funny, Trash, and Thank You: when you look like trash and someone still compliments you THANK YOU


So all of these questions I ask myself every day but I would still rather go to FSU than UF!

Think of any more questions every FSU student asks? Share ’em down below!
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