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Top 10 Queer Musicians You Should Listen To

Top 10 Queer Musicians You Should Listen To

Have you wanted to expand your music taste? Maybe you’re tired of the same old pop songs, or just want to support queer musicians? Whatever the case may be, you’re here now, and looking forward to listening to many different kinds of music from unique queer musicians. There’s rap, there’s softer music, there’s a lot to see. 

Let’s get started! 

1. Clairo

You may know Clairo from one of her most famous songs titled, “Sofia.” It’s a wonderful song about falling in love with another girl, and it’s really soft.


Much of Clairo’s other songs are more of the same thing. Her songs are very intimate, deep, and soft, and talk a lot about intimacy. If you want a better picture of this queer musician’s music, it’s like being hugged and loved by someone you care about the most. It gives off these very warm vibes, and makes you want to curl up in your bed on a cold night with someone you love. 

A bit personal, but that’s the truth. 


2. Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko is another of these queer musicians that I think you should totally check out, if you haven’t already. She’s not just known for being a musician; she’s also known for being on Lemonade Mouth back in the day of Disney Channel movies. 

Back to her music, Kiyoko’s music features prominent references to Pride, and the LGBT+ community. It also has a ton of funk and pop sounds to it with a little bit of synth, so if you like that sort of thing, then totally check her out. 


3. Chaz Cardigan 

Sometimes queer musicians will sing abut their life, mental illness, and anything else. Chaz Cardigan is one of these queer musicians! His songs talk about life in general, from mental illness, to not being okay and saying it, to being stuck in a position in your life that you don’t know how to get out. 

His songs are more on the side of pop, but some of his songs are softer and more deep. Overall, however, his style is more pop and happy tones. If that’s your jam, that check Chaz and his music out! 


4. Wafia 

Wafia is another of these queer musicians that specializes in songs about romance and reminiscing about the olden times when you were with that other person. Her music gives off a ton of pop music vibes; she sings a lot about missing someone you broke things off with, she sings about not caring whether her ex sleeps with someone else, and generally, things about breaking up and being lonely. 

Her voice is really silky and smooth, and I implore that if you like songs about breakups and romance, then Wafia is one of the queer musicians you’re going to like. 


5. Mykki Blanco

Mykkie Blanco is a notorious queer musician, though they don’t sing about romance or anything like that. Mykkie is a rap artist, and their rap ranges from talking about drugs, liking women, dressing up as a woman, and not being bothered by the people who talk bad about them. 

They don’t really upload regularly, but when they do, their songs are pretty good. If you’re the type that likes rap, then you’re definitely going to like Mykkie Blanco. 


6. Keiynan Lonsdale 

Keiynan Lonsdale is quite literally one of my most favorite queer musicians, and he’s immensely talented. If you remember him, he was in Love, Simon, and also The Flash! After being in The Flash, he dived straight into his music career, pumping out amazing songs about love, romance, and loving whoever you want to love. 

His music as a lot of softer tones, and have a little of a pop vibe to it, making a unique style of music that I haven’t heard of in a long time. His music videos are also colorful and full of life. If you’re into listening to music about love, and romance with a bit of a soft, pop tone to it, then you’ll like Keiynan Lonsdale. 


7. King Princess

King Princess’ is another one of these queer musicians that has much softer, deeper music that I think a lot of people would enjoy. King Princess sings a lot about love, romance, and is overall, it’s pretty slow music. 

I don’t mean to say that in a bad way, however. She also sings about wanting to be with someone, but they’re just leading them to do whatever they want instead of what she wants. There’s also other songs about missing the one you care about. If love and romance is something you like, check out King Princess! 

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8. Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X is one of the many queer musicians that are rising in stardom in the music industry, having made Old Town Road, and it’s many, many remixes that still slap each time you listen to it. He’s more into rap, and his music videos are amazingly elaborate. He’s also gay! 

Lil Nas X’s music comprises of songs about certain people bringing him down when he thought they would support him. He specializes more in rap, if you were wondering. If you would like to support him, then go check him out! Panini is one of my favorite songs of his. 


9. Dodie

Dodie is openly bisexual, and makes songs about a variety of different things, such as relationships gone bad, boys leading her on, and senses of longing and pining for someone else. Her songs aren’t so soft in the topics, but the way they’re sung.

She has a much more dainty and quieter singing voice; not screaming, not really trying to try too hard to grab your attention. It’s nothing like Clairo or Girl in Red either. It’s her own style of singing that I really think more people should be aware of. 


10. Shea Diamond

Shea Diamond is another one of the many queer musicians that are rising through the ranks, and becoming more and more popular. And if you haven’t hear of her before, you definitely should after this! 

Her music is so full of life, and gives off a little bit of a jazzy vibe. One of her songs talks about her existence as a trans women, and alludes to the existences of other queer individuals in America; it’s called, “I am America,” and it’s so jazzy and I just love it. Her voice is so wonderful, as well. She sings about her experiences and her life with such vigor and passion that its infectious. 


If you’re looking to support her, go check her out on YouTube! 

Queer musicians are making their songs and their voices heard through unique and amazing music. You just have to find them, and I guarantee that you’ll love all of these wonderful queer musicians. Their music is so diverse, and talk about a range of topics. Happy listening!  


Which artist are you going to check out after this? Let us know! 

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