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Why You Should Be Watching Queer Eye On Netflix This Summer

Why You Should Be Watching Queer Eye On Netflix This Summer

You NEED to watch the brand new rendition of Queer Eye on Netflix!

You might have heard about Netflix’s reboot of the show Queer Eye by now- or maybe you haven’t! This program– a recreation of the original Queer Eye which originally aired in 2003– follows five men (Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk and Tan France) of the LGBTQ+ community (known as the ‘Fab Five’) as they travel across the state of Georgia to improve the lifestyles of those nominated (the majority being men) in different aspects of their lives, including culture, food, style, interior design and grooming. It may sound like any other reality television series, but it’s surely much more than that. Here’s why you need to have Queer Eye on Netflix queue this summer– along with a crisp box of tissues in hand.

Each of the guys have something different to offer

No, I don’t mean that each of them has a different task on the show, although this may hold true. Each of them have a very distinct, memorable personality that seems to draw you close to the Fab 5. Jonathan is the animated, vibrant soul with an endless supply of energy, while Tan is sophisticated and strict about his style (yet still silly and fun loving). All of them were brought together from different backgrounds and culturally polarized households, yet are the very best of friends- which seems to be extremely refreshing for the realm of television and in the current, tense political climate. We love diversity from Queer Eye on Netflix!

Take a look at Queer Eye on Netflix.

Their goal isn’t to ‘change’

Many reality television shows seem to have the goal of completely making over and changing a person, almost turning them into a completely different human being. On Queer Eye, the motif is completely different! Each of the guys analyzes and understands the person the ‘hero’ is and aim to enhance their strengths and encourage them to be their best selves! The guys teach them to make subtle lifestyle changes which often lead to lots of self improvement, and ultimately a happier person. Yas! We love diversity from Queer Eye on Netflix!

Take a look at Queer Eye on Netflix.

It’s inclusive

On the original Queer Eye, the guys primarily assisted straight men. Queer Eye has since expanded to offer assistance to women and transgender individuals. One of the episodes included a transgender male named Skyler, who contributed a lot, educating the guys on his experience as a transgender man, use of pronouns, etc. The Fab Five has also included a woman on the show by the nickname of “Mama Tammy,” who showed the guys all of the Southern hospitality with her motherly charm and her leadership in the community. The show is making an active attempt to educate audiences on different communities and extend the show past what it used to be, which is something a lot of reality television doesn’t do. We love diversity from Queer Eye on Netflix!

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Take a look at Queer Eye on Netflix.

Like I said, get the tissues

C’mon. Everyone loves to watch an emotionally cathartic show. When I’ve watched the show, I’ve shed tears during nearly every episode. The amount of sheer love and hugs these guys have for each other and the ‘heroes’ (the participant) is so evident that you can’t help but feel it yourself. Season 2 Episode 1 might make you cry extra hard– just a warning. Their personalities mesh so well together that you just can’t help but fall in love with them. We love diversity from Queer Eye on Netflix! Everyone needs a good, wholesome television show in the craziness and stress of their lives. Viewing something feel-good can be a good stress reliever and include some good nuggets of wisdom for those watching. So grab the snacks and the remote and watch the Fab Five do their magic.

Take a look at Queer Eye on Netflix.

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