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Quarantine Haristyles You Have To Try

Quarantine Haristyles You Have To Try

Quarantine Haristyles You Have To Try

We are all stuck inside, and needless to say, as of lately, we have a lot of spare time. I mean a lot. From endlessly watching our favorite Netflix shows to scrolling through Instagram until our thumbs give out, things are starting to get, well boring. Ladies, we need to stick together and fight the urge to color or cut our hair without our hairstylist’s supervision; this is dangerous and should not be tried at home.

While we should stray away from making any rash decisions when it comes to hair, hairstyles aren’t entirely off the table. Here are the hairstyles you have to try during the quarantine. 

Messy Low Bun

Casual, cute, and practical, the messy low bun is one of our quarantine go-to hairstyles. Let’s be honest—you’re going to end up throwing your hair in a bun by the end of the day, anyway. So why not make your messy bun look a little more put together? Use a styling iron to add some curls to your hair then secure it to your head with a few pins. Wah-lah, you have a messy low bun. 

Quarantine Haristyles You Have To Try

Space Buns 

Let’s take a trip to a galaxy far far away from where a princess made the classic space buns famous and cute AF. This lazy gal hairstyle is adorable, fun and it will keep your hair off your next while you are bathing in the sun! (Margaritas anyone?). For a fun twist, try adding some clip color strands. 

Quarantine Haristyles You Have To Try

Colorful Bobby Pins 

OK. This is going to change your hair game during quarantine, maybe even forever. This is SO simple you will question why you haven’t tried it sooner, so listen up. Put your hair in a ponytail, add colorful bobby pins, and you’re done. Adding a pop of color makes it look like you put a ton of thought into your hairstyle (when you actually didn’t). The best form of hair camouflage. ‘

Quarantine Haristyles You Have To Try

Flipped Ponytail

Channel your inner Ariana Grande because this outfit screams pop star. The higher the ponytail, the closer to God, A massive headache. For your next day out on the town (AKA the living room), wear a hair ponytail at the top of your head and take a straightener where you can flip the ends out. This sassy hairstyle is chic, simple, and can be done in less than 5 minutes. Is there anything better than that? 

Quarantine Haristyles You Have To Try

Messy Topknot

For the days you hit snooze one too many times and need a relaxed look you can do before your next zoom meeting, try this adorable and spunky topknot hairdo. Grab your favorite hair spray, scrunch up your hair, part the top half into a messy topknot, and boom—you’re ready to go. Cute, comfortable, and the best part? It will match your favorite pair of sweatpants wonderfully. 

Quarantine Haristyles You Have To Try

Hair Clips 

I am a sucker for an oversized hair clip and funny enough they can make a chic and stylish quarantine hairstyle. Whether you decide to add a few beach waves to your hair or curl it, adding a few pearl clips can finish off the look. They can pull a look together, and you will look absolutely fabulous. 

Sleek Bun 

Slicking your hair back into a tight, low bun will have you looking runway ready in no time. This hairstyle is an easy and sexy way to show off your contouring skills and gorgeous cheekbones. Keep this hairstyle in your pocket for the days the sun is shining brighter than your highlighter. It will keep you cool while you look extraordinarily hot. 

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Scarf Braid

Just because we are all in quarantine right now doesn’t mean that we stopped loving the way our hair looks with a little accessories. Adding a scarf to your braid instantly makes you look like you arrived off the plane from Paris Fashion Week. Bonjour & Oh la la. 

Quarantine Haristyles You Have To Try

Face Framing Tendrils

Tendrils are anything but new- just watch any 90’s movie if you don’t believe us. While this look may seem a bit old school it is actually trendy AF and super cute for stuck at home spring. Wear your hair in a low ponytail and leave a few pieces of hair out, just for show. Use a curling wand to add subtle waves to your look. 

Silky Hair Accessories

Say goodbye to the big, studded and bold headbands of 2019, and say hello to simple and sleek hairstyles that remind us of the 40’s. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with this one. Slide a beautiful headband over your head, letting it hang around your neck. Rake your hair into a messy bun and pull out a few face-framing layers. You will look timelessly put together without putting in a lot of effort. 

Hair Crystals

That’s right. Hair crystals are back. You heard it here first. And how freaking gorgeous is this look? Romantic. soft and elegant all wrapped up into one accessory and we are here for this. This hairstyle will add a little sparkle back into your life during quarantine and do we really need another excuse to dress up? Next time you are feeling down and in the dumps, give hair crystals a try. We know you will look absolutely stunning. 

Hair Chains

There is no better timing than now to give some thought into trying new fashion trends, and when it comes to hair, it shouldn’t be any different. I am not going to sit here and pretend that this hair trend is easy to accomplish, but it also isn’t the hardest. First off: Find a hair chain. Then complete a hair twist across your head. Thread the chain in and over the twists, wrapping them together. BOOM. Hair chain hair. You look great. 

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Just because we are locked inside doesn’t mean that we need need to neglect our hair or normal beauty routine, in fact we should relish in it. What are your favorite hairstyles to wear during quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!

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