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Quality Running Shoes That Won’t Destroy Your Body

Quality Running Shoes That Won’t Destroy Your Body

There’s an art to finding a quality running shoe that is best for your unique and beautiful body. Having a pair of quality running shoes makes he world of a difference. Follow these guidelines to find your ultimate pair of running shoes that are both fantastic quality and great for your body. Each running shoe brand mentioned is a quality brand. Each brand fits slightly differently, so it is recommended that you try on a few of these brands to find which shoe suits you best.   

Shoe Type

When searching for a running shoe, the most important information you need is which running shoe type you need. There are two main shoe categories that almost all running shoe brands go by: neutral and stability. The difference between a neutral and a stability shoe is that a stability shoe has an extra hard piece in the arch of the shoe to prevent your arches from collapsing inwards while you run. A neutral shoe is built without the extra needed support. A lot of times, when people are wear running shoes in the category that doesn’t suit there body is the reason why their body hurts and injuries arise. Let’s get you sorted into your correct shoe type to avoid that common mistake!


Finding Your Shoe Type 

Someone whose arches collapse (or fall in) while they walk or run would be recommended to get a stability shoe. This is called over-pronation and the way you can tell that you over-pronate is pretty easy. Place your phone or video camera on the ground and video your low-half of your body walking towards and away from the camera bare foot. Then, video yourself running toward and away from the camera. Use your phone to watch your ankles in slow-motion. If your ankles seem to fall inwards, you may qualify for a stability shoe. People with high arches tend to do the opposite and walk on the outsides of their feet so they should difficulty stick to a neutral shoe. If you would like to be sure, most specialty running stores provide free shoe fittings! Here, they will professionally tell you if you need a stability or a neutral shoe!   

The Perfect Shoe For YOU

Everyone has different feet. So, naturally, some shoes work better for some people than others. While buying a quality shoe brand is a start in the right direction when it comes to finding the running shoe for you, you need to make sure you pick the shoe that is in your shoe category. When you are testing different kinds of shoes, keep in mind that the best shoe is the one that feels the most natural on your feet. If there is a slight bother while you try on the shoe, it will soon become a big problem when you start running in them. 


Hoka One One  

The Hoka shoe brand is a fantastic running shoe choice. This company really has perfected cushioning in a shoe and the heel of the shoe actually is in a bucket seat surrounded by cushion, so you actually feel like you’re walking on clouds. One unique feature of all the Hoka shoes is that the have a meta-rocker technology that eases the heel-to-toe transition when you’re running. This really is helpful for runners who often deal with shin-splints and tightness in the calf muscle. This is a highly trusted and recommended shoe that is ahead of the game when it come to innovative shoe technology.  

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Neutral Shoe = Hoka Clifton Stability = Hoka Arahi


Another fantastic running shoe brand to try is Saucony. These shoes are loved by people who typically like a shoe that is very light weight. Many people say they feel like they are not really wearing a shoe at all when they ru in it. Saucony is a shoe that also typically has a larger toe-box and people with normal to wider feet tend to gravitate to these shoes. Many distance runners really enjoy the feel of this shoe because they feel close to the ground and very light while running!

Neutral = Saucony Kinvara Stability = Saucony Guide


Brooks a a solid running shoe company that is loved by so many avid runners. Both the neutral and stability shoes have phenomenal ratings and is known for its light weight and comfort. Most people who were these shoes are very loyal to their shoe and will stick with the same model of shoe through out the years! Both the Brooks Ghost (neutral shoe) and Brooks Ravennas (stability shoe) are quality shoes and feel comfortable to people with many different foot types. 

Neutral = Brooks Ghost Stability = Brooks Ravenna


This is another well-loved shoe brand that has very high quality running shoes. Asics shoes are known for giving a structured feel while still maintaining a level of softness and cushioning. This is typically also know as a heavier shoe for people who like a firmer feel to their running shoes. This is a popular shoe especially for people with skinnier feet or high arches. 

Neutral = Asics Cumulus Stability = Asics GT-2000

New Balance 

New Balance is yet another great running shoe brand that you should for sure try on. These shoes have so many different versions because they are constantly keeping up with the latest running shoe technologies. These are light-cushioned shoes that almost feels like a sock when you put it on. So many professional runners pick this brand as their running brand to represent because they are that good! New Balance shoes are great if you are running a lot of miles, but they are also great for everyday wear and cross-training. This is a great multi-use shoe. 

Neutral = New Balance 880 Stability = New Balance Vongo

It’s recommended that you try these shoes on to find the best fit for you. Remember, it all comes down to which shoe feels most natural! Share with us your favorite running shoes in the comments!

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