Top 10 Qualities Of A Strong Women To Take Note Of

We all have a strong woman in our life that inspires us and makes us want to better ourselves, so here are 10 qualities of a strong women that you can take note of and implement in your life.

1.  She’s Independent

A strong woman doesn’t need other people to get where she wants or do what she wants. She’s independent and knows how to handle life on her own. Being independent doesn’t mean being alone and not ever needing to ask for help, but it means not having to rely on others for happiness, and relying on anyone to live your best life.

Top 10 Qualities Of A Strong Women To Take Note Of

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2. She’s Honest

The qualities of a strong women is honest, with other people but also with herself. She’ll always tell others the truth, even if its hard to tell, and knows why honesty is so important. She doesn’t lie to herself, but faces that hard times and tackles them head on. She knows that honesty is the key to defeating your problems and bettering yourself.

3. She Creates Her Own Path

It’s difficult to find your way in life, but a strong woman always finds a way to achieve her goals and dreams by forging her own path. She doesn’t let difficult times or roadblocks stop her, and she doesn’t wait for other people to start following dreams.

4. She Isn’t Negative

The qualities of a strong women is always positive and knows how to look on the bright side of life. Even when times get tough and she’s feeling down, a strong woman knows that a positive attitude and knowing that things will get better is what keeps her strong and will help her get where she wants to be.

Top 10 Qualities Of A Strong Women To Take Note Of

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5. She Believes in Others

A strong women believes in herself but more importantly she believes in other people. She knows that her friends are amazing people and sees their beautiful qualities, even when they can’t. She brings people up when their having a tough time, and is always there for someone when they need her.

6. She Walks Away From Toxic situations

Whilst it can be tempting to want to work at situations and force them to be fixed, a strong woman knows when it’s the right time to walk away. Not even situation can be made better, and sometimes a bad relationship or friendship can be toxic and draining, so a strong woman knows at what point she must put herself first and walk away from situations that are toxic to her life.

7. She always wants to better herself

The qualities of a strong women is always looking to improve and better herself. She knows that no matter how successful she is, that she can always strive for more and achieve even more. A strong woman sees what she wants to achieve and sets her path for it, but once she is there she still sees that there is room for improvement and never sees herself as perfect.Whilst she celebrates her successes, she knows more success is always around the corner.

Top 10 Qualities Of A Strong Women To Take Note Of

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8. She Stands Up For What She Believes In

Whether it be a political issue or an issue in her personal life, a strong woman stands up for what she believes in and fights for what she thinks is right. If her friends have been wronged she’ll stand up for them, and give them advice on what to do, and won’t let other people stop her from believing in herself. A strong woman doesn’t just sit by when she see wrong in the world.

9. She’s Not Afraid to be Vulnerable

As much as being a strong woman is often stereotyped as someone emotionless and always strong powerful, a real strong women is actually not afraid to show her emotions and sometimes be vulnerable. She lets herself be upset when she’s sad and sometimes isn’t brave and confident, but knows that that’s okay.

10. She’s Proud of Who She Is

A strong woman is strong because she knows who she is and she’s proud of herself, no matter her successes or failures, she knows she’s a great person and is happy to be herself. It doesn’t matter if she’s made mistakes in the past or mistakes recently, a strong woman knows herself and will always be proud to be who she is, no matter what other people say.

Top 10 Qualities Of A Strong Women To Take Note Of

What qualities of a strong women do you admire? Do you know any strong women in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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