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10 Qualities Of A Good Lipstick To Know Before You Buy

10 Qualities Of A Good Lipstick To Know Before You Buy

Good lipstick can definitely be hard to find. You need it to have some lipstick qualities like being smudge proof, long lasting, hydrating and affordable pricing. Take a look at these good lipstick qualities that you need to know before shopping for your makeup.

It can be easy to oversimplify buying good lipstick. The ads and outside packages seem to tell you just what you’re getting: color, style, benefits, but if this is all you go on, you’re often going to leave with an unsatisfying product. Here are 10 qualities you should look for in a good lipstick. Before you buy, check out reviews online to make sure you’re getting those which matter most to you!

It Satisfies What You’re Looking For

Whether or not a lipstick is right for you first depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want something matte? Something creamy? Something glossy? Determine what style and feel you most prefer and find a lipstick that fulfills those qualities. While some creamy lipsticks will have better qualities than others, you’re not gonna get anywhere if you wanted a matte lipstick in the first place.

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It’s Long Lasting

This is the ultimate goal in most lipstick purchases. You want something that won’t immediately come off with every sip, bite or kiss. Of course, no lipstick is gonna stay on forever. What separates a long lasting good lipstick from the rest is one you only have to apply every few hours, as well as one that’s easy to touch up when the time comes. Lipsticks that layer up over several times reapplied won’t feel good later in the day. Good lipstick should always be long lasting and supply your lips with hydration.


It Doesn’t Bleed

There’s nothing worse than applying a lipstick, only to find out an hour or so later that its pigmentation has started to bleed outside the lines of your lips. Once the color is there, it’s nearly impossible to get things neat again without washing your whole face. You’ll do better to buy a lipstick known to not have this problem in the first place.

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It Doesn’t Streak

You’re going to want a lipstick that offers full and complete coverage. Some may appear to come in a rich, dark shade, but once you apply them the color on your lips looks transparent and streaky, no matter how many coats you put on. Unless you’re looking to buy a gloss where all you need is a bit of shine, you’ll want a lipstick that gives you an even amount of coverage. Good lipstick should never streak on your lips.

It’s Not Too Sticky

Just as you want an even color, you’re going to want an even texture. Some lipsticks, especially glosses, can come in a particularly goopy formula. It feels like you’re ungluing one lip from the other every time you open your mouth. While it depends on your preference, if you prefer a smoother texture, look for any reviews that might suggest you’re getting yourself into a sticky situation. This is a good lipstick that incorporates the glitter trend.

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The Color Looks Good

Lipsticks usually give you an idea of what color they come in on the packaging, but in more cases than not, that color is going to look different when you actually put it on. It’s important to know exactly how a color comes out to make sure it will match whatever you want to wear it with or that it will go well with your skin tone. Since most of the time you can’t try lipsticks on, look online for pictures of how the color actually appears on skin. Often times the brand or women doing tutorials will have sample images, so you can see exactly.

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It Smells Good

This, like everything, is a matter of preference. I typically don’t care much how my lipstick smells (granted, I’ve never had any smell particularly awful), as long as it gets the job done, but it understandably drives some women crazy to have a weird smell right there under their noses. This is another piece of information to look out for when you’re reading reviews about a lipstick online. If a woman says she couldn’t stand the smell, you probably should keep looking.

It Feels Good

I say it feels¬†alright on, and not just plain good because honestly, especially if you’re looking for a long lasting matte lipstick, that might be a quality you have to sacrifice a little. They’re not terrible to wear in the least, but matte lipsticks most of the time harden onto your lips in order to stay there, which means you probably won’t be rubbing your lips together in all their luxuriousness. However, some matte and non-matte lipsticks are still going to feel better than others. And if you want it to feel super good, just don’t buy matte. Shoot for something creamier.

It Doesn’t Dry Out your Lips

A lipstick that moisturizes your lips while you wear it is such an added bonus. Usually we’re just going for some bit of color to look pretty, but another great added quality is the ability to not leave your lips totally dried out later. A great lipstick that goes the extra mile to even bring some moisture to your pucker is a total winner.


It’s Worth the Price

Here’s the kicker. Not every lipstick will fulfill all your dream desires, and they don’t have to, as long as you didn’t pay out the wazoo for it. You need to make sure you’re getting what you paid for. You can buy a lipstick from Wet n’ Wild to give you a color that stays bright all day,¬†but doesn’t feel great and comes off on everything, or you can pay more for better qualities. I’m currently in love with NYX’s matte collection. It is a good lipstick that lasts long, feels nice and comes in colors I love. You can go up much higher in price, maybe for better quality, but then you really have to make sure you’re not blowing a lot of money on a product you’ll be dissatisfied with. Always read reviews about lipsticks before purchasing to make sure each one has the qualities most important to you.

Which good lipstick are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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