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Purse Essentials Every Woman Should Make Sure She Has In Her Bag

A woman’s purse carries all of her daily life essentials with her everywhere she goes. Purses serve as mini treasure chests, seemingly packed with anything one of life’s little emergencies may require to make things run smoothly. Here are a few purse essentials every woman should make sure she has in her bag:

1. Lipgloss or Chapstick

You leave the house every day looking beautiful – clear skin, perfect makeup, and a fresh coat of lipgloss on your lips, but as the day goes on, your lipgloss fades. Your hair sticks to it in the wind and wipes it off your lips, you leave lipstick stains on your drinks, and your lips begin to chap. Avoid this problem by carrying your favorite lipstick, lipgloss, or chapstick with you wherever you go! Lipgloss is one of the most common purse essentials, and since lip makeup typically comes in small containers, it is so easy to pick two or three favorites and toss them in your purse every day! Carry your lipgloss with you and always be prepared.

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2. A Mini Hairbrush

Keep your hair fresh and styled throughout the day by carrying a mini hairbrush with you wherever you go! Some mini hair brushes are no more than four or five inches long and fit perfectly inside of a purse or backpack, making them some of the cutest purse essentials! Other hair brushes even fold up like mini pocket mirrors to take up less space and keep the bristles clean! Hairbrushes come in handy during windy days, long drives with the windows down, and even when you just need to freshen up. Plus, who enjoys using someone else’s hairbrush? Make sure you are always prepared by carrying your own around with you wherever you go! 

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3. Dental Floss

Lunch and dinner dates with friends always seem like a good idea – that is, until one of your friends points out that you have something stuck in your teeth. You can embarrassingly try to pick it out with your fingernail, or you can excuse yourself, go to the restroom, and take out your trusty dental floss! You can purchase a tiny container of dental floss or even buy a bag of tiny dental floss picks and baby toothbrushes to keep in your purse – they are lifesaver purse essentials. 

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4. Feminine Hygiene Products

Let’s be real – almost every woman struggles with surprise periods every now and then. We can never be totally certain of our cycles, so it’s best to always be prepared! Pack a few pads, liners, and tampons in your purse to be on the safe side. You can even carry a menstrual cup around with you if you would prefer to keep things limited and discrete. 

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5. Hand Sanitizer

Women are go-getters, and they are always busy doing something. Whether it’s running errands or attending an important business meeting, they are all over the place, and so are their hands. Picking up coffee for co-workers, holding the door open for a stranger, or using the handrail on the escalator are all germ-filled activities. Keep your hands clean and your health at its peak by carrying hand sanitizer around in your purse. Perhaps one of the most important purse essentials, hand sanitizer is a must-have and will help you stay clean and healthy in all situations!

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6. Breath Mints Or Gum

You never know when breath mints or gum may come in handy, but almost every woman is guaranteed to need one every once in a while! These purse essentials are a MUST, and they are super cheap, tiny, and easy to carry around! Toss a pack in your purse for guaranteed breath protection on the go!

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What are some of your purse essentials? Comment down below!

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