15 Purdue Rites Of Passage You’ll Regret Not Doing

There are certain activities that are unique to Purdue University that every student should do before they graduate to ensure that they make the most of their Purdue experience. After all, that’s what college is all about. Here are 13 things that you won’t regret doing at Purdue University before you graduate.

1. Snapping an artsy pic of the Purdue Bell Tower for the Gram.

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2. Going to The Lion Fountain to beat the Pre-exam jitters.

Legend has it, that drinking from all four brings good luck…

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3. Putting a Bike in a tree.

Cause that’s a think that happens at all universities right?

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4. Grabbing some pre-class Starbz to help you power through your day.

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5. Studying at Hicks.

That is if you are really studying. The library can be used for all sorts of distractions. This might be one you might regret not doing since there’s a possibility you won’t receive a diploma.

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 6. Having a late night photo-shoot at the Engineering Fountain.

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8. Grabbing some “Drunk-Donalds.”

If you haven’t already experienced this at Purdue, you need to.

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9. Taking a pic by the stone P.

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10. Grindin’ on the Second Floor of the Union.

Either you are absolutely nailing away at your work or just watching Netflix. There are always those who are passed the fuck out on the couches as well.

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11. Going to Harry’s.

A beer from Harry’s is unforgettable. If you don’t know, now you know.


12. Grabbin’ some Hammers Doughnuts at the Den for some pre-class energy.

If it’s not Starbucks it better be Hammers Doughnuts.


13. Getting a Den Pop.

Don’t lie, you have all gotten a Den Pop. You can’t not graduate without having tried one.

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What do you think you’ll regret not doing at Purdue?
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