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Pump Up Songs To Add To Your Workout Playlist

Pump Up Songs To Add To Your Workout Playlist

Everyone knows that a good workout depends on a really good workout playlist. Listening to music while you work out motivates you to work harder!

You have to check out these must-add songs that will make your go-to workout playlist even better. 

1. Sucker by The Jonas Brothers

No, it’s not 2009, and yes, The Jonas Brothers are making a comeback! This was the first song released from their new album called ‘Happiness Begins’. 


Along with this song comes a dramatic and silly music video with each brother along with their partner. They wear gorgeous clothes, drink lots of champagne, and rock their song!

This song has an excellent bass line and a snappy pace. It will make you want to run faster and lift heavier weights. This song is meant to be on workout playlists. 


2. Truth Hurts by Lizzo

Lizzo ruthlessly tears apart a former lover in this sassy and hilarious song. This song is all about being confident and knowing exactly what you want. 

You can take that sentiment into the gym by knowing exactly the healthy lifestyle you’re working towards!

This song has a great chorus and fast-paced lead-ups. This song is especially motivating for girls who love girl power songs. 


3. Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting by Elton John (sung by Taron Egerton)

Of course, Elton John’s original version of this song is fantastic. However, we love the fast-paced and modern production of this song sung by Taron Egerton for the movie ‘Rocketman’. 

Egerton has a strong and soulful voice that is perfect for this song. This song is fast-paced and has a few fun musical interludes. 


The theme of fighting within the song will get you pumped up. We find that anger is pretty close to the determination that comes with pushing yourself in the gym!

4. Irresistible by Fall Out Boy

This song is off of Fall Out Boy’s album ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’. If we’re being honest, most of the songs off of this album are good for working out. They’re intense, fast, loud, and angry. 


This specific song has an irresistible beat! The lead singer Patrick Stump has an unbelievable range and a very powerful voice. 

If you aren’t convinced yet, try watching the music video for this song in which the band tries very hard to play a hardcore game of basketball. 


5. Fell In Love With A Girl by The White Stripes

This song is an old-y but a good-y since it was released in 2001. This song has an unparalleled guitar present and is short but sweet. 

We love this song because it’s always moving forward. This song is super fast, clocking in at under two minutes, perfect for a burst of gym activity. 

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6. Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

We love this song because of Freddie Mercury’s amazing voice and the positive lyrics!

Once you hear this song, you won’t want to listen to anything else! This song is filled with the classic confidence that Mercury always carried himself with, just what you need in the gym!


7. Just A Girl By No Doubt

This song is another empowering song for women! It takes the phrase ‘just a girl’ that’s often used for demeaning women and reclaims it as a badge of honor. 

This song is very edgy sounding and is only helped by Gwen Stefani’s range and sassy voice. 


8. Kill This Love By BLACKPINK

This song is a little different than the others being that it’s mostly in Korean! If you’ve never listened to music in other languages, we urge you to give this one a try. After all, a good song knows no language barriers!

This song contains a military sounding drum beat that is perfect for working out. Each band member is also very talented vocally!


If you watch the colorful and fun music video, you can be inspired by the difficult dances that the band members pull off!

Are you ready to have an amazing workout? Comment down below your favorite songs to workout to!

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