PSA: No One Actually Has Their Shit Together In College

Despite what we see in movies and how people act on social media, no one in college actually knows what they're doing; especially your freshman year.

Growing up and seeing college on TV shows and movies made us more psyched to begin the college journey. The people on TV had their lives together. They seemed to have good grades, and always had an attractive significant other while participating in Greek life. Newsflash, it’s JUST TV and it does not happen in real life (at least not for everyone).

College is all about finding yourself, especially freshman year!

Some people do have their lives together in college. But, most people don’t, especially freshmen. Transitioning from high school to college, living with mom and dad to living with a complete stranger, eating home-cooked meals to eating whatever the mush on your plate is, can be a daunting task. Whatever happens, you’re going to fall, but the best (and hardest) part is getting back up.

It’s a life lesson. You’re going to cry more times than you’ve cried in the last 18 years. I still cry and I’m a junior. It’s overwhelming, sure, but is it worth it? Definitely. Just think about the degree you’re working to obtain and the future you’re molding.

College is all about finding yourself, especially freshman year!

Things won’t fall into place over night, patience is key. Find someone you can confide in and make sure they don’t get annoyed easily because you may need them every day for a while.

When you get to college, there will be many people walking around with smiles on their faces and laughing. Don’t feel intimidated, those people have cried alone in their rooms many times before. One day, you’ll become one of those people. You will be able to walk around with a smile and cry when no one is looking. It’ll be like a switch to be turned on and off. College is all about finding yourself, especially freshman year!

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All in all, college is a great experience once you get your bearings. Just keep your head up, maintain that 3.5 GPA, drink lots of water, eat salads, don’t pull many all-nighters, join a sorority/fraternity, and call your mom. Easy enough, right? I’m not crying, you are.

College is all about finding yourself, especially freshman year!

Share any tips you have for college students, especially freshman, in the comments below!

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