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10 Proven Ways To Make Someone Fall For You

10 Proven Ways To Make Someone Fall For You

If you have been trying to get the attention of the person you like, these are the proven ways to make someone fall for you!

Have you been day dreaming in class that your one true love would wake up and realize it was you all along? If you are looking for ways to make your crush fall for you, we have the solution! These are the 10 proven ways to make someone fall for you!

Sharing interests are proven ways to make someone fall for you!

1. Birds of a feather flock together

Whoever said that opposites attract are listening to the wrong gossip. It has been proven time and time again that the more similar you are in your political views, humor, interests, and goals, the more likely you will develop and keep their affection. Find one (or more) of their interests that are alike to yours and spark a conversation, or just wing it!


2. Always be yourself

Honesty is truly the best policy if you are trying to launch into a relationship. Always be true to who you are, and represent yourself realistically. If you go to school everyday wearing a full face of makeup or your baseball cap on backwards to look “cool” they won’t know the real you. Falling for a mirage means they didn’t fall for you – they fell for your facade.

Always being yourself is proven ways to make someone fall for you!

3. If your ship isn’t coming to shore for you, swim out to it!

Taking initiative when it comes to dates increases the likely-hood of them saying yes. If you aren’t clear about your intentions, they may not pick up what’s occurring.


4. Consistency is key

Don’t be that person that is hot and cold like a Katy Perry song. Your actions should be precise and clear. Don’t lead someone on and cause them to fall for you if you have no intention to catch them.

5. Open your arms and open your heart

Falling in love is scary and exciting. Invite them to get to know you, share tidbits of your life so they feel closer to you, and make them feel special!

Being open is proven ways to make someone fall for you!


6. Find their funny bone and make it rattle

Everyone loves a sense of humor. Find your soon to be significant other’s humor preference and have fun with it. There are so many styles of humor-so find theirs and poke at it! Slip a few jokes in the conversation.

Having a good sense of humor is proven ways to make someone fall for you!

7. The eyes are the windows to the soul

Keep eye contact during a conversation or when they’re talking to a group. It’ll make them feel like they’re being appreciated and have your attention. They will notice how attentive you are and that makes you much more appealing to talk to! The more chemistry there is between the pair making eye contact, the more butterflies they’ll feel.

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8. Body language is speaking without sound

Watch your facial expressions around the person you have the hots for. Make sure your body is relaxed and welcoming, and that you don’t have a mean face on. Happy people want to surround themselves with other happy people.

9. Mere exposure makes the heart grow fonder

The more time you are around a person, the more their feelings for you start to grow. Make sure they are positive feelings! Be sweet, be funny. Invite them out with a group of people to do something enjoyable to associate with you.


10. Appreciate the little things in life

Say their name when you’re talking to them, and don’t be afraid to show you are listening to them. When a person you care about brings up something from a past conversation it proves that you are genuinely interested in their thoughts and opinions. In the middle of a conversation, address them directly with eye contact and  genuine smile. It will make them feel wonderful and special.

Appreciating the little things is proven ways to make someone fall for you!

Do you know of any other proven ways to make someone fall for you?! Share in the comments below!

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