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10 Protein Packed Snacks That’ll Keep You Fuller, Longer

10 Protein Packed Snacks That’ll Keep You Fuller, Longer


Snacking is one of those slippery slopes, where the right kind of snacking keeps you energized and stops you from binge eating the vending machine at work. But the wrong kind of snacking only makes you more hungry and ends up causing you to eat a ton of unless calories. I understand, I have definitely gone through the struggle of finding good healthy snacks that will actually help me toward my goals instead of put me farther away from them. Here are some of the best go-to protein packed snacks so that they keep you fuller for longer.


Tuna is a pretty easy snack to grab and go, as long as you don’t have to make a make-shift can opener, and it is packed with protein. It packs the biggest punch of protein in this list, with 30g per every 100 grams, so it will definitely fill you up. A good way to have it is with some healthy crackers, or even on a slice of toast.

Protein Packed Snacks That'll Keep You Fuller, Longer


Greek Yogurt

As far as convenience, it doesn’t get easier than grabbing a container of yogurt from the store and maybe adding some fruit. But this snack is more than just easy, it has an average of 10g of protein per every 100 grams. (Side note: Every snack’s protein is measured on the same 100grams scale for comparison).

Hard Boiled Egg

A hard-boiled egg is basically the original energy ball. Just one small egg contains 6g of protein. They are easy, portable, and even quick these days, since you can buy them in most stores.


Overnight Oats

I am a huge fan of overnight oats, but I love anything that will make itself and be ready to eat in the morning. While oats by themselves might only contain 2.5g per 100 grams, when they are combined with Peanut Butter and a banana, this delicious snack can have up to 12g of protein in it.

Avocado Toast

I don’t know what my life was like before avocado came into the picture, but I know it wasn’t complete. Avocados contain about 2g of protein for every 100grams, which is about half of a medium avocado. If you really want to make sure you are getting the most out of this snack, mind which bread you use. Some breads, like Dave’s Good Seed, are low in calories and high in protein.

Protein Packed Snacks That'll Keep You Fuller, Longer
Is there anything more beautiful than avocado toast?

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is probably the only cheese that can actually help you in your fitness goals. With 11g of protein, not to mention the added calcium, this snack is going to keep you on track. The best thing about cottage cheese is how versatile it is. You can add frozen berries and honey for a dessert, or avocado and hot sauce for a filling snack or even lunch.

Trail Mix

This one is kind of a no-brainer, trail mix is always a great source of protein because of the nuts it contains. On average, trail mix holds about 14g of protein.

Protein Packed Snacks That'll Keep You Fuller, Longer

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Chia Seed Pudding

I have been eating this snack nonstop recently, but it’s for a reason. Chia seeds contain 14g of protein and make one of the easiest snacks. All you have to do is combine a couple tablespoons of the seeds with some almond milk, put it in the fridge, and in the morning you can add a banana or some berries to it for a healthy filling snack.



I always forget about hummus, but you shouldn’t because it is a great base for a filling snack. It has about 8g in every 100g, and it can be eaten with anything from celery sticks to pretzels. Also, the hummus flavors are way better than you might think, they even have a dark chocolate one!

PB Banana Protein Smoothie

When all else fails, go for what you know. There’s nothing wrong with getting your protein from a powder every once in a while, especially when you can find organic plant proteins, which still contain 20g per serving! Combine this powder in a blender with some banana, peanut butter, and almond milk, and you have a delicious snack you know is going to keep you full.

Any more protein packed snacks that should be on this list?! Let us know down below!