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5 Protective And Cute Phone Cases You Need For Your Phone

5 Protective And Cute Phone Cases You Need For Your Phone

Phone cases are such a fun way to accessorize and of course, they are so necessary to protect your expensive, fragile smartphone! In need of a new phone case to protect your device but don’t want a boring one? Look no further!

1. Pastel Plaid Wildflower Case

Wildflower cases is a very popular phone case company. They, as a company, have built up a huge customer base, to include celebrities and influencers such as famous Youtuber, Emma Chamberlain, and singer-songwriter, Dua Lipa. The company is known for its signature black rim around each case and cute, bold patterns. One of my favorites on their site is this pretty green and light pink phone case that they call the “Pastel Plaid” case. It reminds me of the early 2000s with pastel shades that soften the plaid pattern. I can definitely see characters like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, Regina George from Mean Girls, or even Cher from Clueless though her usual plaid preference is yellow and black. Another thing that Wildflower Cases is known for is their limited edition designs. Every single design they come out with on their website is limited edition, so any design you purchase is only around for a short while. Retailing at $35.00, these cases come with free stickers and are just too cute to say no to!


2. Snake Heart Sonix Case

Sonix is a great, reliable phone case brand that I have purchased from several times. Actually, my current case is from them! I love these cases because they are durable, protective, but also have a lot of chic designs to choose from. One of the phone cases that I have my eye on is their “Snake Heart” case, which features beautiful red and pastel pink roses and a cool, emerald green snake with hearts adorning its sleek body. This case screams cool girl to me and I think it would the perfect pairing with a chic, winter look. Most of these cases have a clear border, but I have found that their cases do not yellow like other clear cases I have had in the past, which is so nice. I have had my Sonix case since May and it still looks brand new! Sonix cases retail for $35.00 just like the Wildflower Cases, but the company has certain cases on sale, usually older designs for around $19.00. There are so many designs to choose from, so there is sure to be something that you will want to get your hands on.¬†

3. Almond Latte BURGA Case

A brand that I have more recently found out about is BURGA. This company has such sleek and elegant cases, with options ranging from snap-on plastic cases to super protective double-layered cases. They have had a sale going on for many months now, where you buy one case and get another of your choice for free! These cases usually retail for $25.95 for the snap-on cases and $31.95 for the tough, double-layered cases. So, if you took advantage of the deal, you could get two of these gorgeous cases for the price of one, which is such a great deal. I am obsessed with their “Almond Latte” case, which is an off-white, cream color with black dots all over it. I think it is such a pretty, neutral design that is sure to match any outfit and is a great option to protect your phone through the fall and winter seasons. This is one of their most popular designs, so get yours before they are gone!



This next case is so cute and is the perfect design for today’s day and age with Coronavirus. This case is called the “QUARANQUEEN” case from the company KIMBYR Cases. This is a small phone case business run by YouTuber and influencer, Kimbyrleigha. She has made videos about phone cases on Youtube for years and now has so many designs of her own that are both stylish and protective! This specific case is one of her most recent drops on the website and perfectly represents quarantine with the face mask, coffee, sunshine, flower, sunglasses, and polaroid camera doodles. The case even says, “social distancing expert”, in what looks like caution tape. The case itself is black which makes it look so sleek, while the colorful doodles on the case make it so fun! It will match literally any outfit that you put together, even if it is just a sweat set for lounging on the couch.

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5. Rainbow Butterfly Case Casetify 

Casetify is a brand that I am certain most of you have heard of at this point. They have partnered with so many influencers and celebrities, especially during quarantine, to advertize for their cases and for good reason. The impact cases specifically are super protective, as they have military-grade drop protection, raised edges to protect your glass phone screen, and hundreds of different designs. They even have personalization options for all of their cases, so you can get anything from your name to a phrase printed on the back of your phone case! One of their most popular designs recently has been this rainbow butterfly case. This case is donned with tons of sweet, colorful butterflies varying in size and species. The classic band going around the case is clear, but you can also choose from several other options such as pink, a gradient from pink to blue, and black. You can even change the color of the entire case if you really want to stand out. There are so many options for this, but for this phone case, I recommend the red, yellow, light purple, or hot pink case colors. These cases are a little more expensive depending on which type of case you get and range in price from $49-55.00. 

Any of these phone cases are sure to protect your phone while making it look super cute as well! What are your favorite protective yet stylish cases? Let us know in the comments!
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