Protecting Your Curly Hair During This Brutal, Dry Winter Weather

This is a guide for kinky curly heads to moisture and hydration during the winter time. Here are some tips to protect your curls!

Having curly hair is nice and all but then winter comes and messes it up. Thinking about wearing your curls out, the wind blows it in every direction possible. I am here to help my fellow curly-haired individuals in preparation for the dry and cold air winter brings.

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You need to have a a haircare routine that focuses on retaining moisture. But first you need to know whether your hair is low porosity or of high porosity. My hair is low porosity, which means that I have tightly closed pores, which resist moisture and tends to create protein-sensitivity. It is harder for my hair to retain moisture from the products that I use. Each hair strand of hair has multiple layers.


The external layer is given the name the cuticle layer which is composed of smaller cuticles that liken the shape of a shingle (Mellone). The smaller cuticles group together and lay flat likening the pinecone. Water is a primary ingredient in moisturizing products because it helps to fight frizz being able to pass through the cuticle layer and absorbing into the hair strand itself. Essentially, if the cuticles are really close together it is harder for water to penetrate the hair making it harder for the hair to be hydrated. How can one keep their hair hydrated? Two methods such as LOC or LCO are extremely helpful.

LCO Method: Water in spray bottle, Shea Moisture Cream, and Coconut oil

 How to Moisturize Low Porosity Hair

For low porosity hair, lightweight creams and gels are your best friends. You want to avoid any heavy butters or oils because those would just sit on top of your hair strands and not absorb in the cuticle. After shampooing your hair you want to apply a lightweight creme to DAMP hair such as Alikay Naturals Moisture Rich Parfait, African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Silky Hair Moisturizer, and seal the moisture with an oil.


Remember to apply conditioner to hair that is damp. Low porosity hair will absorb moisture in the cuticle from products when hair is wet.

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How to Moisturize High Porosity Hair

For high porosity hair, try styling with heavier and thicker creams, custards and butters. High porosity hair is easily weighed down by hair products that attract moisture. Try to avoid humectant (absorb water) products with a lot of glycerin. What high porosity heads need for hydration are silicone free conditioner and a protein rich deep conditioner. Some great products are DevaCurl’s One Condition Delight, and Light Defining Gel.


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Just how in the winter your body craves heat so does your hair!


While you are deep conditioning your hair for like thirty or so minutes sit under a hooded-dryer or steamer. Heat KEEPS the cuticle open which allows more moisture to slide into the hair. What to take away from this is that it is important to slow down how long it takes to dry one’s hair. Because the longer the hair is wet the more moisture can absorb into the strands. And retaining moisture helps whatever style you wear last longer.

Prosper my hydrated moisturized curly headed folks!

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How do you protect your curly hair during the winter? Tell us in the comments!

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