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Pros and Cons of the University of Alabama Dorms

At the University of Alabama, freshmen students are given the opportunity to live on either side of this huge, beautiful campus.  This decision, though it may seem simple, has several factors involved when choosing which of the University of Alabama dorms to live in. Keep reading to see pros and cons of the University of Alabama dorms!

Pres, Riverside, Lakeside, Ridgecrest, Highlands.


Apartment Style Dorm Set-Up

One of the main reasons so many students choose to live on this side of campus is because of these apartment-style University of Alabama dorms. Each roommate gets their own room, two roommates share a bathroom, and all four people share the living room and small kitchen area.

New Rec Center

The newly added student recreation center located in between Pres 1 and 2 makes it so much easier to force yourself to hit the gym!

The Modern Style

These dorms are much more modern, especially Pres!

Co-ed Living

If you prefer co-ed living, then these dorms are definitely the place for you!


Not much interaction between floors/neighbors.

Unlike other, more traditional style dorms, there is not a lot of interaction between neighbors and floor mates.

Takes forever to walk to Greek Houses.

This may or may not apply to you, but as an FYI-walking to the frats and sorority houses takes forever. So if you plan on following this path, definitely take this into consideration! (Although there are buses that come around, most students just decide to walk rather than wait.)

Tut, Parham, Burke, etc.


Close to the sororities.

If you are a girl and plan on being in a sorority, Tut is definitely a great location! Residents of this seven floor, all girls dorm, have much easier access to the srat castles on campus!
Many people decided to live in these dorms because they wanted to have the full college experience by living in a traditional styled dorm, in which two people share one room! (Which could be a pro or con, depending on the person.)

A place to create bonds.

Whether it is going through rush, meeting your sorority sisters, mid-semester, or even the end of the year, girls living in these dorms create bonds and friendships with people on all different levels of Tut!

The Price

One major benefit of these dorms, is the price, living in these areas is much cheaper!


Campus police in the entrance at night.

OK- maybe this is a good thing for safety purposes…but whenever you’re leaving Tutweiler to go out for the night, there is campus police officer in the entrance to remind you to make good decisions before going out! (Clearly, this is for good reasons, but I figured it would be goof to mention!)

Boys not allowed in the building after a certain time.

One of the most difficult parts of living in Tut, is the rules about boys. Boys are not allowed upstairs into girls rooms after a certain time! (Check**)

Have to share bathrooms.

Rather than only sharing a bathroom with one other person, living in these dorms means that you must shower in a community shower.

See Also



Football players live there as well.

Need I say more?

Bryant Dining Hall open to residents.

The Bryant Dining Hall is open to all athletes and residents of the Bryant Dormitory. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you hear what their meals are compared to the average student, it really is. The meals in this dining halls consist of extravagant pastas, perfectly cooked meats, and incredible side dishes to accompany these entrees.


Queen bed? Sure I’ll take it…

Students that have the opportunity to live in Bryant are also gifted with a queen bed, rather than a standard twin.

RA’s aren’t checking in on you all the time.

‘This dorm also has more of a party atmosphere as RA’s don’t pay as much attention, as you can hear rap blasting out of every room.


Only males, athletes and engineers are allowed to live in Bryant.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, only engineers, athletes, and males are able to live in Bryant.

What are your favorite/least favorite University of Alabama dorms? Help our incoming students by commenting below this article and sharing it with friends!

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Alana Doyle

Originally from the west coast, but currently residing in the heart of the South, Alana Doyle is a PR student at The University of Alabama. When not binge eating mac and cheese, watching dog/kid/old people videos, and attempting to become a gym addict, she is out traveling the South and attending as many music festivals and concerts as humanly possible. However, the college budget makes this limited, along with a college wardrobe, so she normally sticks to big t-shirts and shorts. It's all okay with her though, as she is still a (self-proclaimed) Cards Against Humanity champ.

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