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Pros and Cons of Sorority Rush at Kent State

Pros and Cons of Sorority Rush at Kent State

Greek life brings new friends and opportunities. Keep reading for the pros and cons of sorority rush at Kent State to help you decide if you are interested!

It’s that time of the year again…you’re a bit bored of sunbathing by the pool and your mind has started to wonder back to Kent State’s campus. Even though the school year hasn’t started yet, thoughts and talk of sorority recruitment are buzzing. While sorority rush at Kent State isn’t for everyone, some students swear by it. Greek life brings new friends and opportunities that last you throughout college and even after graduation. Keep reading for the pros and cons sorority rush at Kent State to help you decide if you are interested!

Pro: you meet so many amazing girls.

Going through recruitment means you get to meet hundreds of amazing women in Greek life, plus others in your SRC groups. Whether you accept a bid from a sorority or not, you will still make connections with women that can last far past recruitment. If you choose to accept a bid, you’ll meet even more incredible girls in your sorority, as well as girls in other sororities. Sorority rush will introduce you to people whether you fully commit to Greek life or not, and the connections you make will last.



Con: post-recruitment can be a little awkward.

One of the biggest cons might be that after recruitment it gets a little awkward. What I mean by that is, when you run into some of the girls that you met during recruitment (who are in different sororities), it can be a little awkward. They know you didn’t chose their sorority, and even though it’s nothing against them, it can be a little uncomfortable in those first conversations after bid day. I promise it gets better and way less awkward as time goes on. Sororities are nothing like they are portrayed in media; there aren’t rival sororities that hate each other. All the girls are open and nice, and it is perfectly okay to have friends in other sororities.

Pro: your social life (instantly) improves drastically.

Hours after you accepted your bid, your social media will be blowing up with new follower requests from all your new sisters. You get a bunch of new numbers and have to memorize the names of approximately 200 new people. Along with the new social media fame, you also get to go to so many Greek events, including philanthropies, sisterhoods, socials, etc. You will never be bored, since there is always something to do or some event to go to; it’s fun to support your fellow Greek community.

Con: you have to learn to prioritize your new, busy life…and quickly!

With all the new and fun opportunities, you can lose track of your schoolwork, which is clearly not good. Yes, sororities are exciting, but you are in college for academics, so the fun stuff can’t be your first priority. Greek life has high expectations when it comes to grades, and you don’t want to get kicked out, so you must stay focused on that degree. Get a planner, whether it is Lily or Kate, and actually use it to get your life together. Saying no to that beach themed frat party may feel like a huge deal in the moment, but when you pass that chemistry exam with flying colors it’ll be worth it, trust me. Balance can be tough, but stick to it!

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Pro: you will form incredible bonds.

You will form relationships that will surely last longer than the four years of college. Whether it is your big, little, roommates in the house, or one of the older girls, you will create incredible memories, and form inseparable bonds with so many people.  These bonds will follow you long after you walk that stage on graduation day. You will take so much away from those relationships…it’ll make these four years seem so worth it.

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