Pros & Cons of Rushing a USD Fraternity

So you’ve decided to rush a USD fraternity? Let me be the first to say that you’ve made possibly one of the greatest decisions of your college career. Despite how fraternities are portrayed in movies and TV shows, being a part of a Greek chapter is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you can have as a student that also sticks with you after you graduate. USD is different than most schools in the sense that the community is much smaller, there are no dedicated Greek houses, and there aren’t fifty different chapters to choose from like most public colleges. However, the students that are a part of Greek life take a lot of pride in it and aren’t afraid to rep their chapter around campus. As rush season approaches, here are some pros and cons about the rush experience that will give you some insight of what to expect!

Pro 1: You get to meet new bros.

Rush is actually more laid back than one might expect. It mostly consists of meeting the different guys in the chapters, getting to know them, and having conversations with them to see if you would fit in with those group of guys. As a small school, USD’s Greek chapters have a relatively small number of members in each one. So even if you don’t end up joining a chapter, rushing is a great opportunity to make new friends that you might have never expected meeting otherwise. Who knows, you might even meet your new best friends!

Pro 2: All of the free food!

This was personally my favorite part of rushing (as free food tends to attract a lot of people). Fraternities go all out when it comes to food. I remember eating Chick-fil-A, In-N-Out, and more pizza than I could’ve imagined during rush week. By the end, you’ll swear that you might have gained a pound or two from downing all the fast food you can think of.

Pro 3: It’s a fun way to spend an evening or afternoon.

Whether it’s playing basketball at the Rec center, hanging out in the Carmel apartments across the street, or going to day party at Mission Beach, rushing is just an overall great time. Different chapters throw these kind of events during recruitment as a way to kickback and to appeal to potential new members. It’s not too serious, you get to have fun with the guys, and it’s an awesome way to spend a Wednesday evening (more fun than doing homework no doubt) but…

Con 1: It’s time consuming.

… rush is as time consuming as it is enjoyable. Unlike the sororities, who rush just before the start of the spring semester, fraternities at USD don’t rush until a few weeks into the spring semester. By then you might have a job on campus, you might be doing an internship, or you might just have a lot of assignments to finish. You don’t want to cut class or a club or pass up on studying for a quiz just to go to a chapter event. Remember, school comes first. (As you also need a certain GPA to rush in the first place)

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Con 2: Inevitably, there will always be a slight social stigma.

Fraternities across the country get a bad rep for the way they’re portrayed in movies like Animal House or Goat and their stereotypes, but while frats do like to have fun and party, they all have one thing in common: the value of brotherhood. But because not everyone decides to rush a frat, some people don’t notice that and attribute them to what they see in the news or on social media. But who cares what others think right? Once you’re in a frat, you’ll have a truly fun and unique experience that they never will get to see.

But in the end…

Rushing a fraternity can be the most rewarding experiences of your college career. Whether you receive a bid from a chapter or not, rush week is an exciting time for all those who come out and participate. The pros and cons above are general things to expect when rushing a frat, but in the end, it all comes down to you. See ya in the spring!

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