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Pros and Cons of Rushing a Sorority at CSUN

Pros and Cons of Rushing a Sorority at CSUN

Rushing a sorority is a decision every girl considers when coming to college. How could YOU benefit from rushing at CSUN? Keeping reading to find out!

PRO: It is a great way to get involved on campus.

Considering CSUN is a commuter campus, it can be hard to connect with the community. Rushing a sorority is a great way to do this! It can help you feel like you belong on campus as a member of the Greek circle.


CON: Good things are never free.

Just to rush the panhellenic sororities at CSUN you have to pay a fee. Then, participating can cost anywhere from $800 to $1500 per year. You also have to consider that you need special attire for certain events, which could break your bank. Who knew socializing could be so expensive?

PRO: You get an instant group of friends.

By joining a sorority, you instantly join a group of girls who share the same values and interests as you. Sororities are filled with girls from all walks of life and it is one of the best ways to make friends as a college student. Who knows, your sorority sisters could be your future bridesmaids!

CON: Heartbreak is a risk.

When rushing, there is absolutely no guarantee that a sorority will officially accept you. Although the system is set up to prevent this as much as possible, it happens all the time. There is also a chance that the sorority you want to join might not have enough room for you. Rushing a sorority is kind of like dating, you have to find the right match.

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PRO: Networking.

Joining a sorority is a great way to network. You can find friends in the same major that help you succeed in your future endeavors. It is also an amazing way to discover internship opportunities or even tricks/tips for dealing with a tough professor. The possibilities are endless!

CON: It is a commitment

When joining a sorority, you are expected to attend events, where you are held to a certain standard. Most sororities have mandatory weekly meetings and other required events. However, this can be a pro if you enjoy staying busy!


PRO: There are a bunch of new opportunities.

From formals to fulfilling charity work, joining a sorority can lead to incredible new experiences. Every sorority focuses on a specific charity and hosts their own exciting events or parties. Who knew you could do so many fun things in a sorority?
So is joining a sorority worth it? That’s for YOU to decide. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts on rushing are!
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