Pros and Cons of Joining a Fraternity at ESU

In order to decide whether you want to join Greek life in college, you need to consider the pros and cons. Here's a list about joining a fraternity at ESU!

When coming to college, you may be thinking about getting involved around campus. One of the ways you could get involved on campus would be joining a fraternity at ESU! In order to decide whether you want to join Greek life in college, you need to consider the pros and cons. Well, look no further. Keep reading for a list of pros and cons surrounding joining a fraternity at ESU!

Pro #1: You have the chance to meet new people.

Going into college you may not know many people, and Greek life can change that. You meet not only the people in your respective fraternity but you can meet people in other fraternities or sororities around campus. Greek life is a great way to meet new people and to create lifelong friendships.

Pro #2: There are countless leadership opportunities.

If you do end up joining a frat, you could become one of the leaders in it. This gives you a good opportunity to learn to be a leader in an organization. Leadership is a valuable trait to have when you graduate and start looking for a job.


Pro #3: There are many ways to give back to your community.

…Such as a philanthropy. Most Greek organizations do a ton of community service and each organization usually raises thousands for a certain charity or cause. Most frats also do community service around the area. Community service events held could include street cleanups, helping out the local Salvation Army, and Special Olympics.



Con #1: The stigma that comes with the title.

Frats, in general, tend to have a negative stigma that you need to be aware of. You also need to be aware of the stigma your specific organization has, if they have one. People may judge, or look at you differently because of your Greek life affiliation.

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Con #2: The cost.

Joining Greek life can be very expensive. Depending on your frat, your dues for a semester could be steep. You may attend events that you’ll have to pay for, and if you want to have clothing with your letters, it can get very costly. So, before deciding if you want to join Greek life, make sure you know how much you could end up paying.

Con #3: It is a time commitment.

If you do join Greek life, know that it will take up much of your time. You will have weekly chapter meetings, philanthropy events, recruitment events, and other events that you may have to attend. You will have a busy schedule to handle, so you want to make sure you can thrive in school and handle your organization obligations.


Last piece of advice…

These are just a few pros and cons of Greek life at ESU you need to look at. If you are serious about joining Greek life, make sure you seek out the information about all of the different Greek organizations at ESU, and find out which one best fits you.

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