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The Pros And Cons Of Going To College Out Of State

The Pros And Cons Of Going To College Out Of State

So here's a small list of pros and cons to take into consideration while deciding whether going to college out of state is for you.

Going to college out of state is a preference. People do it to make a new life for themselves or to go back home when their parents have randomly moved for work while they were in high school. There are many reasons why going out of state for college is an amazing idea, but there is always a con for pro in life decisions, so here’s a small list of pros and cons to take into consideration while deciding whether going to college out of state is for you.

Pro #1: Scholarship Opportunities you never even thought about

When applying to that expensive college that is across the country, check what types if scholarships they offer. Some colleges have scholarships and grants for students who apply from states that they don’t have enough students from. Colleges need a specific diversity rate from all states so if you’re that one person who applies to that school in Maine even though you live in Colorado, the school will want to give you more money in order to encourage you to go to their school.


Pro #2: Cultural shock experience that everyone needs on their bucket list

Everyone needs to go to a new place once in their lifetime to see how others live in different parts of the world and their own country. Going to a new place for college can really change your perspective on how the world is and having this experience when you’re at this young age will definitely help you in your future.

Pro #3: Independence learned at such a young age

Going to college means that you have to fend for yourself in all aspects of life. Making sure your room is clean, having to do your own laundry, and not having anyone to yell at you about your homework is something that comes with every college experience. What makes out of state college living more special is that you can’t go home whenever you want for a hot meal or for a free laundry service. You are truly independent and that’s what will make you a much more responsible young adult than some of your peers who decided to stay in state.


Con #1: This isn’t cheap so please brace yourself

Out of state college tuition is practically double the amount of money what you would expect to pay if you went in state. If you make up for it through finding scholarship and grant money, having enough saved up, or financial aid that’s okay but you have to be prepared to pay a pretty penny for these hefty expenses.

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Con #2: Leaving the familiarity of home

Where you grew up will always home and leaving home will be really hard. The familiarity of your local main street and shops that you can only find in your state is all going to be a memory once you move to somewhere far and new. It’ll be okay after awhile but that initial shock will be very intense. Culture shocks are very common and you have to take that into consideration when deciding on what you want in a university.

Con #3: Getting your stuff there

Out of state sometimes means that the school is really far and impossible to make the drive to get all of your stuff out there. Whether you ship all your stuff or buy all your stuff in the town or city of your new home, this is something you really have to take into consideration because moving is not easy. If you’re scared that your stuff will be lost in translation, then this might not be for you.

What are some other pros and cons of going to College Out Of State? Let us know down below!
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