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The Pros And Cons Of A 2 Week Spring Break

The Pros And Cons Of A 2 Week Spring Break

Here are the pros and cons of a 2 week spring break. Spring break is a great time to relax. These are the pros and cons of spring break being two weeks long at Connecticut college!

Here at Connecticut College, many students are surprised when they discover we receive a full two weeks off of school in March for our break. Obviously, students enjoy the extra time off, but is it really worth it? Read on for the pros and cons of a 2 week spring break!


1. The Time off!

Most obviously, having a break from college classes is a great relief. You can catch up on any work you need to, and have time to relax without worrying about what you need to do the next day.. for 14 days straight.

2. It is a great time to focus on your formal job or internship search.

Two weeks is a perfect amount of time to really delve into your formal job or internship search, complete a certification class, or really do anything you wouldn’t have had the time to complete during your busy school schedule.


3. There is a greater chance your break will align with that of other schools.

Having two weeks off ensures that your break is sure to partially match up with some of your friends who went to other colleges. This way, you know you will have the opportunity to see them and catch up.



1. Too much time off.

However, some students complain that two weeks is simply too much time off. What is there to do at home for that much time? Sitting around doing nothing can get old very quickly, and it isn’t even warm out, anyway.

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2. Exams are pushed back a week from that of most schools.

Two weeks off instead of the usual one means that summer starts a whole week later, too. Would you rather have time off during the cold month of March, or an extra week of warm summer break?

3. Too much time to forget what is going on in class.

Although two weeks off sounds great, will you really remember what was happening in all of your courses when you get back? Sometimes, starting back up is really rough, and will make you wish you didn’t have a break to begin with.

Can you think of anymore pros and cons of a 2 week spring break? Let us know in the comments section below and share with a friend!
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