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Pros And Cons Of Travelling With Your BFF

Pros And Cons Of Travelling With Your BFF

Like so many others, I have loved travelling since a young age. Ever since my Dad took me to Florida when I was four, I got the buzz. I have travelled far and wide and like to go someplace new every year. You get to experience new culture, practice your language skills and try new food whilst basking in the sun. The only thing that can make a trip better is travelling with your BFF. Having gone on plenty of trips with friends, there are plenty of Pros and Cons for travelling with your BFF.



There aren’t many people who get to say they have experienced the best moments of their lives with their best friend by their side. You have seen the colosseum, watched the sunset in Ibiza and went dune riding in the desert together. By doing all of these activities, you strengthen your bond. These are memories that you two can remember for the rest of your lives. Not many friends can say they have done all these experiences. It makes your friendship just that little bit more special. 

Pros and Cons Of Travelling With Your BFF



As you aren’t travelling solo, you can put your family and friend’s worries at ease. By travelling with your BFF you can look out for one another and stop any unwanted attacks. The other benefit, is the huge amount of support you can give one another. Travelling is exhausting and energy levels can dwindle. Furthermore, if you are on a long trip either one of you can get homesick. If this happens you will be able to lean on each other for support. After all, your BFF is like taking a part of home with you. As you are BFF’s you both know how to pick each other up and get back to happier vibes.

Pros and Cons Of Travelling With Your BFF

Similar Interests

Chances are, before the two of you set off travelling, you discussed what you wanted out of it. That means you two probably have similar interests and want to see the same things. Rather than wasting precious time, trying to plan your day, the two of you are in sync with each other. While other travelling companions are discussing, the two of you are out doing it. You probably already have a gazillion photos while the others are just getting out and about. By not bickering,  it only makes the trip that little bit sweeter.


Pros and Cons of Travelling With Your BFF

It’s Cheaper

By travelling with friends, room and board tend to be cheaper. The majority of the time you can get a private double room for the same price as two singles in a hostel dorm. You can split meals, train fares and activities. Hotel Rooms are normally a standard price for a double, so you can split the bill and have a little bit of luxury, while on the road.  It simply means you can experience more and save money. Which is honestly the ideal situation.

Pros and Cons of Travelling with Your BFF



Little Space

No matter how much you love your BFF, being stuck together 24/7 for months can create tension. This can lead to silly arguments so its important to have some downtime. Even if you are in close proximity, you don’t have to chat all the time. For example, one can go for a swim while the other sits and sunbathes. The best of friends’ won’t let this issue get them down, it simply calls for good communication and BFF’s know how to do that.

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Pros and Cons of Travelling With Your Best Friends


A Change of Plans

 Many people have meticulously planned their trips before they head off travelling. So if one of you wants to add in something that isn’t on the list it could lead to some awkward moments. The two of you may have to split off for a couple of days so you can both see what you want. At least if this happens you both get the space that you need. When you meet back up, you will be much happier as you won’t resent one another.

Pros and Cons of Travelling with your best friend


Travelling is challenging. You constantly have to adapt to situations and make quick decisions. Due to this, your friendship will be tested. When you are running out of money and are exhausted that’s when true natures emerge. Even the strongest of friendships can’t withstand constant change. Although, if your friendship does manage to cope, it highlights how special a relationship you guys have.


Ultimately, travelling together is not for everyone. But if you think you can face all the challenges and come back stronger then get that flight ticket booked. 

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