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10 Pros and Cons Of Living In A Single Dorm Room

10 Pros and Cons Of Living In A Single Dorm Room

Dorm life is a huge part of your college experience, especially freshman year. Here are the pros and cons to living in a single dorm room !

It’s no lie that one of the first thoughts that crosses every student’s mind when applying to college is dorm life. Moving away from home to an entire new world is an intense and terrifying process filled with many decisions. One of the biggest decisions is if you want to live in a single dorm room or with another roommate. So, here is a list of some pros and cons to help you make the best decision!

Pros to Living in a Single Dorm

1. You finally have a space that’s all your own

Everyone loves to decorate their space the way they want. Every girl has a Pinterest board filled with ideas as to how she wants to decorate her dorm (I know I do), and boys don’t lie you know you want your dorm to look cool. You now have your own space and can do whatever you want in it, without having to compromise with another persons aesthetic.

2. No worrying about keeping them up or waking them up

If you are anything like me you are a night owl that stays up to the late hours to complete their homework and falls asleep to the tv blasting Friends marathons to, only wake to the seventh alarm I set to wake me up in the morning. No one likes the person that messes with their sleep schedule which is what makes going single perfect.


3. You have your own quiet place to let loose and be chill

Lets be real college is STRESSFUL. Everyone needs that one spot that they can go to alone and think and sometimes cry while eating the largest tub of cookie dough ice cream. Your dorm room is the perfect spot for this when going single.

4. You can walk around naked and no one will care

As Tom Cruise showed us in Risky Business dancing around in your underwear is much more fun than dancing around clothed. Rooming single gives you the option to dance around in your underwear or even if you wish naked. You are free to be comfortable in your room with no judgement

5. Your room will be drama free

Finding the perfect roommate is almost impossible. You can have so much in common with a person, but you will still find something you disagree with them on. Spending a large amount of time with a person increases tension and arguments. Living in a single dorm limits this drama and allows you to have a more clear mind that can allow you to focus on more important things like your education.


Cons to Living in a Single Dorm Room

1. Living alone is boring

If you are anything like me I love to constantly be surrounded by people to keep me occupied. Living alone requires you to not have that instant go to person to do fun things with.

2. You have no one to wake you up for those 8 ams

8 am classes are the absolute worst, especially if you were up late the night before. Having a roomie to wake you up so you don’t sleep through your alarm is a life saver!

3. You can’t split the costs of dorm necessities

It’s no secret that college is expensive. By having a roomie you can split the costs of food, and even decide who contributes what to the dorm like a tv, microwave, mini fridge etc.


4. Theres no one there to motivate you

College isn’t just all fun and partying, shockingly along with it comes a shit ton of schoolwork. Having that person to motivate you to complete your work, and well is a key necessity to surviving college.

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5. You don’t have that instant friend

College is terrifying at first, so it’s nice to know at least one new person when you first arrive that you can go to football games with and even welcome week activities. You can make new friends along the way and who knows maybe your roommates friends can become your own and vice versa!


Have you lived in a single dorm room!? Share your experience in the comments below!


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