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Pros And Cons of Joining a Sorority

Pros And Cons of Joining a Sorority

pros and cons of joining a sorority, Pros And Cons of Joining a Sorority


A recurring contemplation for incoming freshmen is whether or not they should join Greek Life. As with everything else, joining a sorority has its pros and cons. Here are a few examples to help you make your decision.

Pros And Cons of Joining a Sorority




Closest friends

It may sound corny or cliché but it’s true. You and your Greek sisters will form a unique bond that will last for years after you all graduate. There are a lot of popular stereotypes against Greek Life, and while some may be true, being part of such an uncommon group of people can elevate your college experience to another level.

Pros And Cons of Joining a Sorority


One of the biggest pros to joining Greek Life comes into play after you’ve left college. Through your sorority, you’ll get access to a huge network of people who have already been working for a few years. Every Greek organization has a way to let you know what virtually every member is up to as well as how to get in touch with them. This can give you a huge leg up when looking for jobs and internships, and provide you with mentors to help you be successful after college.

Pros And Cons of Joining a Sorority


Teaches you valuable lessons.

Being in a Greek organization can teach you many skills. The first of which is time-management. Whether you’re rushing, pledging or are already a part of the organization, it will keep you busy with meetings, philanthropy events and hopefully parties too. No matter how bad your FOMO gets, keep in mind that academics are the number one priority. When you get ahead in your work, you won’t have to worry about missing anything and will make managing your time come naturally.

Pros And Cons of Joining a Sorority


Narrows your experience

There’s a good chance that your sisters will become your main friend group. You want to diversify and have friends outside of Greek Life. Make sure to also meet people through classes or clubs, and make connections with people from different countries or backgrounds than what you’re used to. That’s what college is all about.

Pros And Cons of Joining a Sorority

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Can hurt your reputation

Once you’re involved in Greek Life, your personal reputation is tied to the other members’ reputations and vice-versa. If a sister is disrespectful to someone on campus, it affects the sorority’s image and therefore yours, even you don’t get along with this person in the first place. Be wary of who you’re ready to associate your name and principles with.

Pros And Cons of Joining a Sorority


Added stress

As I said earlier, being involved on campus can improve your time-management skills. Nevertheless, the extra responsibilities and issues that you might have to deal with through Greek Life can add stress to your already busy lifestyle. Sororities constantly have meetings, elections and other changes that you have to be a part of even if you have other stuff to deal with that particular night. Try to stay calm and distance yourself from all of that if you can.

Pros And Cons of Joining a Sorority

Keep in my mind that universities have varying Greek Life cultures. Ask around and talk to people both in and out of Greek Life during your first few days on campus to get a full idea of how fraternities and sororities operate at your school and if it’s for you or not.

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