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Pros And Cons Of Dying Your Hair That Crazy Color You’ve Been Eyeing

Pros And Cons Of Dying Your Hair That Crazy Color You’ve Been Eyeing

When you are considering dying your hair, there are many things you need to think about on top of just what color and style you want your new look to be. Check out these pros and cons of dying your hair before you decide to do it or not do it.

Pro: New look

Dying your hair is a great way to change up your look if that’s what your aim is. It’s not permanent since the color does fade, but that’s what’s perfect about it. If you wind up not liking how the color looks, or want to change to a different color later, you can!

It’s a very fun way of changing your look since you don’t have to stick to one color when you are dying your hair. You can change it up from color to color or do multiple colors in one!

What’s even greater about dying your hair is that you can play around with makeup that highlights the new colors in your hair and you can change up your wardrobe once in a while. Many people who dye their hair say that their closet is mostly tamer colors, but you can choose your own style and see if you want to go all out or just have your hair be the bright color in your wardrobe.

Pros And Cons Of Dying Your Hair That Crazy Color You’ve Been Eyeing

Con: Bleaching

The bad side of dying your hair is the bleaching process. If you have naturally dark hair and want to go to a much lighter color, you will have to go through the bleaching process a few times until you get to a decent brightness so that the color can shine through properly.

Bleaching your hair costs a lot of money and it is very damaging to the hair itself. The chemicals have to sit on your hair for a long time and under extreme heat. The heat alone can damage hair, but once you add chemicals on top of it, your hair is hurting even more.

The end results might be worth it, but it is definitely one thing you will want to consider before you proceed on your hair coloring journey.

Pros And Cons Of Dying Your Hair That Crazy Color You’ve Been Eyeing

Pro: Instantly memorable

One of the great things about dying your hair is that you are instantly memorable. Maybe not by your name, but other people will always remember “that person with the cool looking hair”. You will get looks of awe from many people and it’s always cute when a child points out that your hair is their favorite color.

Likewise for interviews. Many companies might look down on people with “unnaturally colored hair”, but if you can wow them with your credentials and personality, they will remember you since you will stand out from the others in more ways than one.

Pros And Cons Of Dying Your Hair That Crazy Color You’ve Been Eyeing

Con: The upkeep

The upkeep on keeping your hair dyed a certain color can become quite expensive and time-consuming. You will have to switch to colder showers to avoid the color bleeding out too quickly. You will also have to change some of your hair care products so that they are color-friendly.

Some shampoos and conditioners, ones that are not color-friendly, will make the color fade quicker or made it disappear entirely. The special hair care products for colored hair will help your hair recover from the damages of the chemicals and the bleaching process.

They are specially designed to help your hair stay a vibrant color and also to get strong again.

If you decide to keep the color you originally dyed to, then you will need to invest some money in keeping up that vibrant color. Unless you’re okay with it becoming faded. But if you do want to keep the color bright, you will need to dye it over and over once it starts to fade.

Pros And Cons Of Dying Your Hair That Crazy Color You’ve Been Eyeing

Pro: You can mix it up

You can have a lot of fun when dying your hair. There’s no limit to the color combinations you can choose from. You can choose to have just one color. You can choose multiple as well. You don’t even need to dye your full head either!

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If you just want to experiment with colors without going all-in at first, you can always just dye the tips of your hair or put in colorful highlights.

Another way to practice with colors is to get hair chalk which is designed to be non-permanent and to come out when you wash your hair. This way you can play with color without committing to it right away. It’s also a lot less damaging to your hair in the end than fully dying your hair.

If you are new to dying your hair and you don’t even know where to start, there are many pictures of different styles and samples all over the internet. Some of the best ways are to go on Instagram or Pinterest for different ideas of dying your hair.

Pros And Cons Of Dying Your Hair That Crazy Color You’ve Been Eyeing

Con: Stains everything

Arguably the worst thing about dying your hair is that the stains get everwhere. Not only on your hands, if you are dying your hair yourself, but also on your towels, your pillows, your furniture, etc. It’s just a fact that you will have to accept if you decide to dye your hair.

Eventually, you will have to get certain colored pillows and other things to make sure that the stains don’t stand out too much. Some of the suggestions that many people have suggested is dark-blue. It’s stylish, dark, and pretty. Plus you don’t have to worry about the stain showing up since the original color is too dark for any dye to show up. Well…dark dyes anyway.

If you decide on brighter colors or multiple colors, you might have to just live with the fact that many of your pillows and such will have some of the color from your hair on them.

Pros And Cons Of Dying Your Hair That Crazy Color You’ve Been Eyeing

If you are considering dying your hair a different color, did this pros and cons list help you? Are there other pros and cons you’ve thought of that aren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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