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Pros And Cons Of Becoming BFF With Your College Roommates

Pros And Cons Of Becoming BFF With Your College Roommates

Are you college roommates?

Have you become BFF yet?

What are the pros and cons of this?


I’m not going to lie to you it all depends on personal experience but I’ve had way too many cons to becoming BFF with college roommates. But I know so many people that end up becoming the closest of friends from being college roommates. Whatever it is, friends from being college roommates can be so fun but can also have some downsides to it.


Right, there are so many pros to becoming BFF from being college roommates. You have a special bond and you know each other on another level. You share stories and experiences, bonds become stronger.

College Roommates are the first people you meet and the first people you socialize with and sometimes this makes you guys even closer. It’s not always easy to get to know other people on your own, having a friend that is your college roommate makes this process easier, sometimes.


You’ve lived with each you’ve seen it all

¬†Living together shows a side of each some people aren’t aware of. You eat together, you may have walked in on them peeing or popping a pimple, or even on them having sex with their boyfriends. Regardless, you know each other on a whole other level and this makes you closer. You get ready together, you see each other naked and there are almost no more boundaries between each other.

You party your souls out together and get back drunk together, sometimes you end up taking care of each other in your drunk states as well as in your sick moments. You start to care about each other without noticing because they are your college roommates. Even when they come back steaming, and start puking, you want to make sure they are okay and they would do the same for you.

They are there through the whole integration process and this, this is beautiful.


Get Ready For Partying

Your flat becomes party city and you rely on your college roommates to decide what to wear, what makeup to use and how to look. This is a bonding that not every friend has, it makes you closer and aware of how much you like to hang out and do stuff with your college roommates. You party together and end the night together, regardless of getting lost or separated throughout the night.

Be ready to have fun and get closer on a drunk night out of partying or during a flat party while complaining about the mess to clean in the morning.


The Pretty and the Ugly

Living together is a different experience and sometimes this means you will see the pretty side and the ugly side of your college roommates. From being all dressed up, and made up, to wearing literally the bare minimum or coming back from a gym class all sweaty and red. It doesn’t matter because they’ll be in the same state too, thus it makes it equal.

You both are aware and love these sides to each other. You’ll be bonding about the silliest things like how someone always asks if you’re tired when you don’t wear makeup or so on and so forth.


 Well, the cons?

Now, don’t get me wrong becoming BFF with you college roommate is wonderful and so fun. But sometimes it ain’t all that. Don’t expect it to be all sun and roses, because trust me, sometimes it absolutely ain’t. Make sure you know the person in and out or you’ll find yourself disappointed. This is not me being cynical but realist, I’ve been through it and have ended up losing a friend because I thought because we were college roommates we were meant to be BFFs, duh? But that isn’t always the case.

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Signs can be crucial

Sometimes you put aside some really red flags and some signs that should baffle and wake you up, but you overlook them because they are you college roommates and you had a blast together. But it is absolutely crucial for you to take the signs into consideration. Do not overlook them. This will make you aware of who you are friends with and ensure you wake up to anything that seems or look off.


Do Not, and I repeat DO NOT, go looking for a flat by yourself for you and your college roommate because you think they are your BFF. That is not the case, they just want you to look for the flat without doing any effort. Pick up on these things and you won’t have to worry about any backstabbing or bitching.

Be Aware of any OFF Friendships

Sometimes when you are an uneven number of college roommates one may become more friends with another. Be aware of this, you are either the odd number out or you’re making someone feel excluded. Be sure that you are either all friends or it’s not just some of the college roommates that are friends, because this can make things awkward or petty.


Make sure that if you decide to move in together again, it is everyone that wants to or everyone is aware of the situation. This ensures a positive conclusion and avoids any pettiness.

Your Parents are always right!

Remember this! Your parents are always right. If they aren’t feeling your college roommates and don’t consider them your BFF’s there is a reason. They are not the best people and they know it. Your parents only want the best for you, so if they tell you that they don’t consider your college roommates great then take it into consideration and remember what they told you. Because, sadly they are rarely wrong, they will pick up on things we most definitely looked over!

This isn’t always the case, but in the vast majority, they have proven to be psychic! They always pick up on any sort of fakeness.


These are some of the pros and cons of becoming BFF with you college roommates! It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t just have a blast with you college roommates and see from there! It isn’t always necessary to become BFF’s. Sometimes it’s good to keep it the way it is and not force anything.

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