10 Prom Makeup Looks That Will Make You The Center Of Attention

You want to be a baddie at prom with prom makeup, your last year in High school, here are the top 10 prom looks that will catch everyone’s eye:

1. Fuchsias and Oranges

Orange-y shadows are hot right now, but for prom you can step out giving orange shades a whole new look.  Use a terra cotta shade to shade your crease, then cover the rest of your lid with a hot pink shade. Add some more pink below your lashes, then top with an orange-based blush to match.

2. Gold Ombré

To achieve this look you should start off using a orangey-red lippy. Once you do that, you want to go over it with a liquid gold color, at the end make sure you blend out the two colors to get the desired color of ombre.

To balance out the colors,  make sure you keep the eye simple. A shimmery nude, pink, or gold would be perfect.

3. All Over Gloss

This dewy  look is so laid-back, not too much snd simple. All you have to do is pop some clear gloss on your eyelids, then put some on your lips. It’s literally the easiest prom look ever.

4. Mermaid Eyes

Who doesn’t want to feel like a little mermaid. It’s impossible to not feel that way when you wear shades of blue and green together.
To acheive the look, use a light blue shade color on your lids, and a smokey gray at the creases. For the finishing touches, just add a teal green liner under your lashes.

5. Major Metallic Lids

To get the chic-rock lock for prom, use a high pigmented metallic eyeshadow, and apply it over your whole eyelid. You can also your it as liner for your lashes to give a more dramatic affect.


6. Glitter Lips

You don’t want to be looking like Taylor Swiftwith her pout and lips drenched in an excessive amount of sparkle.  So what you have to do is put on your favorite shade of red, pink or any other choice on.

Make sure it is not a lot and use a small brush to apply glitter and gloss. Before you leave the house, dust off the extra so you don’t have glitter and sparkles resting in your mouth.


7. Smokey Neutrals

This look is perfectif your going for a natural but still glam face. All you have to do to finish the look is apply some false lashes, layer up on deep dark shadows that is skin tone friendly.

See Also

It will help you in the long haul, complimenting your eyes and your complexion.

8. Glossy Lids

Your eyes  will pop out with this glossy look.To get started, use a eye shadow that can be a based, then you finihs it off with a glossy product.
The best product to use is Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee. When you use a shiny shadow, it is prone to stay on longer when it’s layered.
Perfect for Prom Makeup.

9. Super Dramatic Cat Eye

Apply your smokey eye, then add a burgundy shadow in the center for intensity. Your  prom makeup is complete if a cat eye is infused in the mix.

10. Charcoal Shine

Charcoal Shine, blows the idea of a smokey eye out of the water. It brings in a whole new perspective of what te smokey eye is.

To achieve this look, you need to put metallic-y charcoal pigment on your entire eyelid. Add some below your lower lashes, and top it with a some coats of black mascara and some lashes to make your look even more intense.

Prom Makeup is everyone’s favorite type of makeup to get done or do themselves because it shows creativity, originality and risk taking. Comment down below, let me know what you think?

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com
Toni Harris

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