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Prom Hair Ideas Perfect For Every Hair Length

Prom hair ideas are more important than you realize. Prom is an important milestone in every woman’s life; it’s a night you’ll never forget. That means your hair, makeup, and wardrobe have to unforgettable and leave an impression as well. Here’s a list of a few hairstyles that are perfect for any hair length.

Fishtail Into a Ponytail

Braiding is the most effortless and most impressive hairstyle when it comes to wedding hair and prom hair. Fishtails are easier than braiding or french braiding and look even more intricate and beautiful. Fishtailing is an act most of us are probably familiar with, but if you’re not, then I can explain. A fishtail requires you to pull a small strand of your hair over to one side and then pull another strand to the other side. It’s that easy! You may need hairpins for the first few strands to stay but continue the method, and the rest will stay in place nicely. Fishtailing is a great prom hairstyle for any length. This is one of the best prom hairstyles.

Twist Half Up Half Down

Half up half down is a hairstyle we are all familiar with, but adding a twist and curls can make it an elegant do. Twisting strands and tying them together with loose curls sounds perfect, but sometimes it can be hard to achieve. That’s okay because there are braiding tools that will help you create the ideal twirl look. You can order them on Amazon, or wherever you choose, there are simple tutorials to use to instruct you how to use them. Hair extensions and tools sound somewhat cheesy, but these look very simple and natural to use.

Loose Wavy Bun

Imagine a braided wavy low bun with soft curls falling out, but wait; you don’t have to imagine it, you can make it a reality! A loose wavy bun is a perfect way to make a casual yet elegant updo for prom! Everyone knows your hair says it all, and while most girls will likely wear their hair down, why not be unique and make a statement with a hair up look.

You can achieve a loose wavy bun in many ways, but the best ways for shorter hair is to purchase an extra hairpiece. A way to make it extra elegant is to add pretty pins and clips. The pins can be bobby pin or simple place pins that add some dazzle to your look. You can add a cute headband or headpiece, with flowers. Whatever you choose, a loose wavy bun is perfect for every hair length. This is one of our favorite prom hairstyles.

Hair Down With Curls And Simple Braids

Many girls will wear their hair down and curled, why not add more pizazz by including a few casual braids. Hair down with simple braids is probably a look you wore as a child, and even one people wear to Coachella. It might not sound like the fanciest prom look, but it’s great with any hair length and especially great for the girls who are doing last-minute hair. Take a strand or two of your hair and braid the strands then tie them at the end with a clear elastic. Then curl your hair. You can also use a wand to curl your hair to dress it up a little more. Add some bling with a headband or more hairpins to create the natural fairy look. Your friends will love your hair, and you can wear it for many different occasions.

Waterfall Braid

I’m sure most of us aware of the waterfall braid, but if you not allow me to paint a picture. The look is a hair down hairstyle but with flare. It will enable you to pull some of the hair at the front of your part into a braid. Every time you braid your hair, let the top piece fall through and continue braiding the rest each time. It sounds simple to do, but it can be challenging to achieve on the first try. I recommended YouTubing a video and practicing on a few other people before trying it on yourself.

It can be easier to do other people’s hair because you can’t always see your progress unless you’re in front of the mirror the whole time. Your practice will create muscle memory and allow you to create this do on your own easily. A waterfall braid is beautiful and is a soft look. The braid will look best with casual curls or a wand but can you can also straighten it as well. This is one of the prom hairstyles that we love!

See Also

Half up half down bun

The one person who I know for a fact did this look well was Barbie, I know that sounds silly, but this is a gorgeous look for any hair and can look very graceful. Pull half of your hair up and pull it back into a ponytail. Take a generous amount into the pony and separate it into four strands and braid each strand except one. Each braid will be pinned up into a flowery bun, and the last strand you can pull through and give it the extra height. Add some hairpins to the look to create a tasteful, unique look.

You can straighten your hair like Barbie or possibly curl your hair. There are tons of ways to go with this look keep it up straight and tight with a new classy look. Or you can pull your hair back loosely with strands falling in the front and with loose braids and curls. There are many ways to go with this look, just like when choosing your makeup and dress. You’ll make the best decision to wear to make this night your best night yet. This is one of the best prom hair ideas!

Twisted Wavy Ponytail

Remember how I mentioned the twisting tools; this is the same idea. Take the two strands on the side of your part and turn them away from your face. Then curl your hair into waves and tie it back in a ponytail. This ponytail is a gorgeous look because it incorporates half up half down and looks effortless. You can have some strands falling loosely out of the ponytail and add some hairpins and decor to make it even more classy. The one person who wore this look the best was Serena Van DerWoodsen at the cotillion ball. You can copy her look by teasing your hair a little and wrapping a strand of your hair around the ponytail holder. The twisted pony is a gorgeous and straightforward look that anyone can rock and get their SVDW on! Spotted, you looking fabulous at prom.

What of these prom hair ideas will you wear to your prom? Let us know your favorite prom hair ideas in the comments below!

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