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Professional Men’s Shoe Brands For Those Entering The Workforce

Professional Men’s Shoe Brands For Those Entering The Workforce

Professional Men's Shoe Brands For Those Entering The Workforce

I know when I’m going for a new job I want to put my best foot foward. That means finding out what are the best men’s shoe brands. It’s not just about style though, it’s also about comfort and functionaility. Here’s some professional men’s shoe brands for those entering the workforce.

1. Johnson and Murphy

Classic, stylized, and an focus on craftsmanship. There’s no wondering why Johnson and Murphy is one of the most sought after men’s shoe brands in the world. Known for its quality and innovation. Many of its shoes are lined with sheepskin which is pricer than any other material available. The sheepskin adds softness and comfort to the inside of the shoe. Johnson and Murphy also incorporates one of the best leathers in the world to its products.

Professional Men’s Shoe Brands For Those Entering The Workforce


2. Steve Madden

Inspired by rock-n-roll and infused with an urban edge, Steve Madden caters to the customer who’s following the newest fashion trends. Think young and with attitude. Highly affordable, with a focus on independence.

3. Ecco

Ecco is one of the most versatile men’s shoe brands out there. Their collection ranges from dress to casual. In their own words ‘the shoe should follow the foot.’ This is why Ecco shoes are created by a direct injection process. As a result, a waterproof bond between the upper and the sole is created, one that will never seperate. Ecco shoes also have a large toe box, allowing for better circulation for the foot and at times allows you to feet wider feet.

Professional Men’s Shoe Brands For Those Entering The Workforce


4. Cole Hann-Men

Cole Hann relies mostly on its Grand Operating system, which is comprised of three major components: increased cushioning, greater flexibility, and reduced weight. These shoes provide exceptional comfort without adding bulk. In other words, you’ll know its there, but no one else will. The centerpiece of the Grand OS is a new proprietary cushioning foam that’s stronger and more flexible than anything else on the market. It also has exceptional ‘return’, meaning it bounces back quickly from each step.

5. Timberland

I know for me, when I’m looking at the best men’s shoes brand I’m looking mostly for comfort. Timberland shoes have refined outsoles and are highly waterproof. One or more of Timberland’s major compenents is 50% leather, premium full-grain leather uppers, and even some of their outsoles are made up to 34% recycled rubber. They also have Ortholite foam which won’t break down over time and provides excellent cushioning.

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6. Rockport

Rockport’s plain toe shoe incorporates truTech, which provides a sort of lightweight shock absorption. The outsoles flexible and are also very lightweight. What’s even better that in comparison to Johnson and Murphy, Rockport’s leather welt enchances its look without letting the price skyrocket. Some of Rockport’s shoes are equipped with molded TPU stability plates which allows for exceptional flexibility and breathability.

Professional Men’s Shoe Brands For Those Entering The Workforce

7. Born

Handsewn. Graceful. Lightweight. This are just some of the qualities of a Born shoe. They have a broader toe box to allow the person to move naturally and freely. The handswen upper sock lining ensures a extremly comfortable and flexible fit. It also provides a cushioning effect. Born shoes also uses soft, natural weather resistant leather. They also feature leather liners which keeps the foot cooler and drier. These shoes are for people who enjoy interesting textures, fresh and natural colors, and fundamental, organically inspired designs. Born acts like a second skin when wrapped around your feet.


What other men’s shoes brands do you think fit well with someone entering the workforce for the first time? Comment below and be sure to share this around. Until next time.

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