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Professional Clothing You Should Wear To Your Interview To Get That Job

Professional Clothing You Should Wear To Your Interview To Get That Job

Whether you are looking for an internship or have just graduated from college and you’re looking to start a career, wearing professional clothing to your interview is essential. Sadly bright colors or patterns are a no and you should stick with neutral tones. The point is not to help your outfit stand out, but for your personality and skillsets to stand out THE most. That’s why if you wear a lot of jewelry or bright colors your interviewer will get distracted from what is really important: your ability to thrive in the position you are interviewing for. So check out these professional clothing picks you should be wearing to that special interview! 

1. Professional Blazers 

start with the blazer, it is an important part of your professional outfit so you can get the job you want! It must fit you nicely and not look too edgy or chic. The blazer should also undoubtedly match your pants. I personally go with a black blazer because then you can wear black pants and a neutral-toned top. If you haven’t bought a blazer yet, go somewhere where you can try some on and find the right size for you! They’ll be quite expensive, but a necessary investment for any interview you go on. 

The classic-fit Bi-stretch Blazer from Banana Republic is $179, but when you save up for a nice blazer like this one there is no way a job can turn you down! The blazer comes in navy blue or black and will be the perfect fit for any interview. 

Get The Look:Professional Clothing You Should Wear To Your Interview To Get That Job

2. Neutral Toned Blouses 

Pick out a blouse that is neutral toned and not bright as it will detract attention from the interview and the important things you are saying. Like the blazer, pick out a blouse that will fit well, isn’t low cut, but will still look cute and comfortable under a blazer. The last thing you want to do is feel uncomfortable in anything you wear when you go to an interview. It will show in not only the way you sit but how you respond and in the confidence you exude. 

This layered tank from Banana Republic is cute, professional and comes in three other colors besides white. It will be perfect for the interview you are going on, but it will also be perfect when you get the position you applied for! It may be a $64 dollar shirt, but you can always find shirts like this one at TJ Maxx or Target if you are looking for a shirt that is a bit less expensive. 

Get The Look:Professional Clothing You Should Wear To Your Interview To Get That Job

3. Another Blouse 

Okay, so here is another option for a cute and neutral-colored blouse from JCrew that will give just the professional look you are going for! And it will add a bit more style than a plain tank while adding to the blazer you wear over it. 

Get The Look:Professional Clothing You Should Wear To Your Interview To Get That Job

4. A Nice Pair of Slacks

A nice pair of slacks that match both your shirt but mostly your blazer will be perfect for any interview! To match the color of your blazer you should go with either black or navy for pants. Again, trying on different pants in a store that you like with nice dress pants will help you figure out what will look best, fit snug, and not look baggy in odd places. 

The Avery Straight-Fit Washable Bi-Stretch Ankle Pant from Banana Republic is one of my favorites that I wear to every interview. But Banana Republic also has pants that are for curvier women, slacks that are a bit tighter and not as stretchy. You just have to find the perfect pair for yourself. As you can tell, Banana Republic is a go to for me and rightly so as their clothing is cute, professional and will truly prepare you for that interview, even if it will be a bit expensive getting there. 

Get The Look:Professional Clothing You Should Wear To Your Interview To Get That Job

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5. The Perfect Pair Of Flats 

Sadly you should go with neutral-toned flats or shoes. Nothing flashy, even if they are cute. I promise that it will take away attention from the interview even if you get some great compliments wearing them. It is best to opt for professional shoes that tell your interviewer that you are ready to go to work and be the best person to succeed in the position they are looking to fill. 

Your best bet is to head over to DSW and find a pair of flats that are comfortable and appear more professional than flats you may wear to class or to work once you get the job. You could even go with some loafers that have a bit of texture to them except they are still professional and neutral-toned like the Franco Sarto Susie Loafer from DSW.  

This Journee Collection Ester Flat will be perfect! It is still cute, shows a bit of style yet comes in neutral-toned colors so you can stay on the professional side while confidently strutting into that interview.

Get The Look:Professional Clothing You Should Wear To Your Interview To Get That Job

Are you ready to walk into that interview? Well, first you have to make sure you are comfortable in your clothing, wearing a nicely fitted pair of pants, blazer, and blouse. You aren’t wearing too much jewelry, maybe just a pair of pearl earrings. All clothes are a neutral color so that what you are wearing won’t detract from what you are saying to the interviewer. They want to know that you are trustworthy, can be counted on to do great work, and will be able to stand as a representative for their company and yourself. With these great picks for professional clothing you can get that dream job and kill the interview. You should be out of your parent’s house and living the adult life in no time! 

What do you like to wear for your interviews? Do you have a favorite store besides Banana Republic that you swear by for professional clothing? Let us know below! 

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