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8 Products To Help You Sleep Faster

8 Products To Help You Sleep Faster

Falling to sleep faster is something that a lot of us struggle with. No one likes to lay awake staring at their ceiling, or tossing and turning all night. Unfortunately, we’ve all been there! The good news is, there are strategies to help you fall asleep faster. There are many different reasons why someone may not be sleeping well or may have a hard time falling asleep. College students in particular need sleep! Let’s get started on 8 products that will surely improve your sleep schedule!

1. White Noise Machine

Listening to white noise is extremely helpful when it comes time to fall asleep. I listen to white noise while I do my school work, and I even play it while I’m cleaning my room. So many people have bought a white noise machine to help with this, and they are available at most retail stores. A white noise machine usually is around $20. White noise is extremely soothing, relaxing, and, well, it couldn’t have a better name. There is no exact noise that it mimics, it isn’t waves crashing, or music. You can listen to white noise on YouTube to see if you like it. White noise is always something I have on in the background and it is especially good for sleep.


2. Oil Diffuser

Likewise, with the white noise machine, an oil diffuser can have a huge impact on how you sleep. Filling the room with a calming scent, such as essential oils, can decrease stress levels that contribute to having a hard time getting to sleep. While this will help you get to sleep faster, it also will aid in cognitive and memory function. If you get too used to the smell of the oil, you can change it! Typically, oil diffusers range from $10 – 20, and they can be bought at Target or Walmart. When essential oils fill the air, who can resist sleep? This has been proven to be an effective method to help people fall asleep faster. I can already smell the aroma.

3. Melatonin Supplement

Melatonin is a safe pill taken by many people of varying ages. If you have trouble falling asleep, you may benefit from a melatonin supplement. These can be purchased just about anywhere. Working with your body’s circadian rhythm, (sleep clock), melatonin helps regulate blood pressure and the hormones in your body relaxing you for bed. There are healthier versions of this that can help as well, found at a local vitamin store.


4. OLLY Bedtime Beauty – Sephora

With a flavor like berry blossom, you won’t be able to resist. These supplements work similarly to melatonin but using a more natural approach. These are $15 at Sephora and help by soothing your body from the inside out, promoting sleep and well nourishment. Check these out at your local Sephora store or online. The gummies are made so they are easy to chew, and taste like candy! Now, get your beauty sleep.


5. Orthopaedic Pillow

When we try to get to sleep faster but can’t, one of the biggest reasons is our position, the mattress, or the pillows that we’re laying on. Purchasing or investing in a quality pillow that supports your neck and head properly will be in your best interest. These range in price, from the $40 range and up. Similar to a Tempurpedic pillow or bed, the material will adhere to you and will feel as if you are laying on a cloud.

6. Sleep Drops

Just like essential oils, sleep drops work to calm and relax your mind from the inside out to help induce sound sleep. With chamomile flower extract and other nourishing properties, these sleep drops will be your new best friend. Browse around on vitamin shops and stores to see if they can offer a better price because these average at around $50. “The Nue” is also sold from Anthropologie. The brand “The Nue” is what carries the sleep drops, but they can be sold from other brands as well.

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7. Sound Soother Headband

When we are trying to fall asleep faster, and background noise keeps us distracted and awake, it is going to prolong the sleep process. Buying a sound soother headband will be helpful in the dorms, (especially on Thursday nights), and at home! The price of the sound soother headband can be close to $100, which is why I suggest doing your research before buying. Blocking and eliminating sound is the first step to a sound sleep! I think this will be a smart purchase, and once you start sleeping better, you will find that many other areas of your life will improve as well. Grades, stress, and daytime tiredness will thank you. There is nothing worse than being tired and feeling like you are dragging through the day. I used to solve that problem with coffee, but hey, give this a try first, because drinking too much coffee isn’t recommended either.


8. Changing Color Lamp

iHome makes a great product, it is a combination of a sound machine and a mood lamp – it changes colors. Not only is it fun and will look pretty interesting in your room or dorm, but the white noise will get anyone to sleep. This would make a great gift for a birthday or holiday, this can be purchased at your local retailer for around $40. When it comes to sleep, sometimes the extra money is worth it! I am sure that your dorm will be the life of the party with this new lamp. At the very least, your roommates and friends will get their use out of it too, and they’ll thank you.

For college students, sleep is important. Sleep is essential for everyone, but when students don’t get enough sleep it can hinder their ability to do well and function normally. I hope this article was helpful and of use to everyone, which product was your favorite? Comment below! Thank you so much for reading!

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