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Products, Tips, & Tricks For Glowy And Glossy Makeup

Having youthful and clear skin is a physical sign of great health and vitality, proving that looking good makes us feel good. Considering this, it isn’t at all a surprise that certain beauty and health sectors, such as skincare, veganism, and exercise are booming industries and lifestyle choices people subscribe to today. The obsession and all-around satisfaction of acquiring an illuminating glow and dewy skin have led makeup brands marketing their products to ensure glowy and glossy finishes, as well as launching skincare lines to attract consumers everywhere. Outside of products, there are a few tips and tricks that will guarantee glowy and glossy makeup anyone can pull off. Take a look at this list of items and advice you can use for a natural and radiant look you’ll love.

Skincare is everything!

Applying makeup that appears radiant with a skin-like finish means having a good skincare routine. Properly cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, applying actives, and wearing sunscreen will not only assist with a bare face, but it will make it easier to create glowy and glossy makeup with an already healthy and luminous canvas to work with. While exfoliating and applying actives to the face are important, an often neglected and important step in many people’s routines is wearing sunscreen in the morning. Sunscreen protects your skin from sun damage and maintains your makeup look from going dull. 

Wear less foundation/a lighter foundation

Caking foundation on and wearing too heavy of a formula can really detract from your skin shining through. Seek out lighter foundations or wear less of a medium to full coverage foundation to achieve a more radiant look. Wear a product made for your skin type, that is positively reviewed, high-end, and includes the words radiant, luminous, glowy, or brightening in its title. This will ensure a long-lasting glow with little to no issues throughout the day. For any blemishes you’re worried about, properly correct them with a concealer instead of foundation. 


Soleil Toujours Organic Daily Sunless Tanning Serum

Achieving a healthy and realistic looking tan can go a long way in getting the glow you know you deserve. Fortunately, the Soleil Toujours Organic Daily Sunless Tanning Serum is a convenient way to get a little color without baking in the sun and damaging the skin. The product is formulated with plant-based DHA and more than 70% organic ingredients. Mixing this in with your sunscreen or moisturizer will give you a shine like never before. The power to appear and attain radiance lies in one pump, no matter the season!

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Embrace natural freckles and birthmarks

Glowy and glossy makeup is all about accentuation and enhancement. Freckles and birthmarks are to be embraced and wearing a lighter foundation to keep them visible will definitely give a glowy, healthy, and realistic beat. Just like glowy and glossy makeup, freckles and birthmarks are youthful and natural on the face. Making them be known by applying glossy or clear highlighter on them or deepening their color will only help you execute the radiant makeup look you so long for. 


Clear lip gloss is your friend

You cannot mention glossy makeup without clear lip gloss. Clear lip gloss is truly a dependable friend as the cosmetic product can be found cheap, but give you the most expensive look you’ll ever serve. Not only does it accentuate your natural lip color, but it provides a vibrant shine you don’t have to constantly worry about throughout the day. You can put it over matte lipstick for a hydrating finish as well. Clear lip gloss is versatile and a classic item that will be used centuries from now, so use this while you can!

Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer

Finding the right primer for a look of brilliance can be difficult, but this Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer is a product anyone can rely on for dewy and natural makeup. The formula seamlessly blends into the skin and invigorates complexion. Many celebrity makeup artists use this on talent, as the unique primer can tone and smooth skin before applying foundation and/or concealer. Its ability to boost the skin’s natural radiance is truly indicative of its formula making it worthwhile!


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See Also

Keeping the center of the face matte

In an Elle interview with Sir John, Beyonce’s makeup artist, John revealed that “one piece of advice for applying product is to stay away from using anything that creates shine on the center of the face—the center of the face should always stay matte.” In doing this, the face doesn’t look oily in photos, especially since the T-zone area is known to give an unwanted shine on the face. Having glowy skin doesn’t mean too much shine, so make sure to work illuminating products on the outer parts of your face. 

Powder and liquid illuminators are to be layered

When it comes to the ultimate trick for radiant makeup, celebrity makeup artist Ariel Tejada believes using a liquid illuminator with a powder highlighter on top is more natural and gives a beautiful highlight to the face. When doing this, it is also essential to use good quality setting spray to blend the liquid illuminators and powders together, according to Tejada. The products he mentions/mentioned in the Harper Bazaar interview is the Iconic London Liquid Illuminator, Marc Jacobs’ Dew Drops Coconut Gel, Kylie Cosmetics’ Ultra Glow, Cover FX’s Illuminating Setting Spray, and Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream


Tower 28 Superdew Highlight Balm

Just like a clear gloss, a clear highlighter product will soon be EVERYTHING to every makeup lover out there. This Tower 28 Superdew Highlight Balm is a clear highlighter that is great for the high points of your face, and can also be used on your cheeks, eyelids, and anywhere on the skin for a glossy finish! The product is made with chamomile, for a soothing effect, and green tea extract for hydration and nourishment. From its incredible smell to its effortless and pretty appearance, this surely will be a highlighter you’ll want to buy forever!

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Beating the face and prepping the skin for a healthy glow is what everyone is striving for today, and these products, tips, and tricks should do wonders! Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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