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15 Products For Those Who Hate Makeup

15 Products For Those Who Hate Makeup

Some makeup looks are so gorgeous, but what if you hate makeup? These simple products will help those who hate makeup still look photoshoot ready for any event!

1. Fenty Match Stix Contour Skinstick: $25

Starting with the most expensive product on this list, Fenty Match Stix Contour Skinstick is a perfect contour for those who hate makeup. There is no extra process but to apply on skin and no brush is needed. With Fenty’s range of skin tones, there is no fear in finding the perfect shade. There is no caking with this product, so your face will not feel heavy. Fenty Match Stix is matte and shimmers, so you’ll still glow no matter the time of day. This is great for a full-contour or spot highlight!


2. Covergirl TruBlend Liquid Concealer: $9.99

If you have trouble with dark circles or skin imperfections, concealer is your friend! Covergirl TruBlend Concealer is used in parts of your face and blended until it evens out. It is matte and velvety, so it should not bother your eyes if it is too close. Covergirl has a huge range of skin tones as well, so there should be no difficulty in uplifting your face. And the best part: they are most likely at your nearest drugstore!

3. e.l.f Wow Brow Gel: $4

I will be very biased and say that e.l.f. products are my favorite. Those who hate makeup will not feel cheated with their products in quality or price. We’ve all seen the huge prices on a lot of the top makeup lines, but e.l.f. is cheap, cruelty-free, and vegan! Now, for this Wow Brow Gel, it is used to brush your eyebrows to make them look fuller, and this particular one is tinted. They have others that are clear if that’s not your style, but the colored gel enhances your brows with minimal work.


4. e.l.f. Clay Eyeshadow Palette: $6

Yes, another e.l.f. product, but listen! They are a great company for beginners and those who hate makeup. For example, this Clay Eyeshadow Palette! There is a choice of Necessary Nudes or Saturday Sunsets (pictured) that are both 5 colors to help create a natural or bold look, depending on what you’re after. They are not too flashy but have an appropriate amount of shimmer for a workday or night out. If you do want some color, they have a wide range of palettes!

5. Julep Eyeshadow Stick: $14

If blending eyeshadow is still too much work for you, try an eyeshadow stick! While these are a little pricy for one color, the Julep Eyeshadow Stick is easy to apply. The application is creamy but glides on smoothly, so no need to worry about any powder falling into your eyes!



6. Maybelline Volum’ Express–The Falsies Mascara: $8.77

In this list, you won’t find fake lashes, but some mascaras can make it look like you have some on. Maybelline’s Volum’ Express is the one product to get the job done. With a simple application, this mascara will create a dramatic look by separating and lifting your natural lashes.

7. Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art: $9.99

If you’re confident enough to apply eyeliner (practice makes perfect, I promise!) Revlon Eye Art is a great night-out product. It’s two-sided, eyeshadow and eyeliner, so they can be used together or separately. With 8 colors to choose from, Eye Art is a great product to experiment with!


8. Lottie London Wing Edition Stamp Eyeliner Duo: $7.49

Or maybe if you hate makeup that much, you might just want help with a regular eyeliner. Lottie London Wing Edition Stamp Eyeliner Duo is easy to apply and complete. All you have to do is stamp the corner of your eye and then follow your eyelid to the inner corner. All done!

9. Nivea Blackberry Lip Care: $2.19

The great thing about tinted lip balm is that you don’t have to search too hard or go through too many to find your favorite one. There is a chance whichever you already use has a tinted lip balm, so you can just buy the same brand you already do. Nivea’s Blackberry Lip Care is my personal favorite, for it is very visible, but doesn’t require multiple applications. They’re pretty much everywhere and I always pick one up at my local Rite Aid.

10. Peripera Ink the Velvet Lip Tint: $7

For something long-lasting, hop on the lip tint trend! Peripera Ink Lip Tint could be used two ways, either alone with no reapplication or with your favorite lip balm or gloss. Either way, it is a low-effort way to make sure your lips always look photo-ready.

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11. Revlon Matte Lip Balm: $10.55

Revlon’s Matte Lip Balm is the best. It’s shaped like a crayon but doesn’t feel waxy. It is very smooth and bold. The matte is true to its name and my lips never feel dry. They’re so moisturizing and feel like regular lip balm.

12. Ardell Pro Brow Trim & Shape: $4.99

For those who hate makeup, how do you feel about tools? If you hate getting your eyebrows threaded or waxed, this razor trim is the solution to all your problems. I personally just like to shape my eyebrows and remove extra hair, so this product is easy to use. Just make sure you use it carefully!


13. e.l.f. Eyelash Curler: $3

Or maybe the makeup you hate the most is mascara. Eyelash curlers do the same job in lifting your lashes without the hassle of accidentally adding product to your eye. Or if you want to step up your lash game, you can lift your lashes with this first and apply mascara after.


14. Joah Crystal Glow Tinted Luminizer Stick: $15.99

Now, this product is not necessary, but it is an alternative to Fenty’s contour stick from above. It is the same in that you can use it alone, as a highlighter, or as a concealer. Joah’s Luminizer Stick is limited in skin tones, though.


15. NYX Strobe of Genius Holographic Stick: $9.00

NYX has a few great highlighters in different forms, but this Holographic Stick is really genius. With gentle dabs on your cheekbones, nose, and temples, this stick can help you complete your look or be the look itself. Just be careful to not overdo it. Less is more with highlight!  

For those of you who hate makeup, remember that not all makeup works the same for everyone. There are a lot of hit or misses, but don’t be discouraged! Let us know if any of these worked for you in the comments!

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