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10 Products For A More Productive Work Space

A productive work space does not need to be basic to be functional. These products will upgrade your work space and enhance productivity.


1. Daily Planner

Productivity can be tracked in various ways, but working from home makes it harder to remember what is needed to be done. A daily planner will help wonders and can help ease any anxiety for the next day. The one listed below also has a water intake tracker and a health and fitness section, but there are so many daily planners to choose from. There are planners for the day, week, or month in sheets like this, or a classic planner is also a productive work space item. This Personalized Notepad is empty so you can plan your own day. Bliss Collections has a wide variety, including this Gold Daily Planner that is more simplified than the one below.

2. Desk Calendar

Or if you are like me and need to see the bigger picture as well, a desk calendar may be better. This specific one lays on your desk and can be used as a mat or a big memo pad. There are Acrylic Wall Calendars that can be used as regular dry erase calendars for better viewing and planning. There is also the Blackboard Calendar that is pretty to look at and satisfying to change every month.


3. Glass Desktop Domputer Pad

Or maybe your not a planner at all, but someone in need of reminders. This is a quick and effective way for reminders that are satisfying to erase when they are completed. They are great for note taking when you are in the middle of a Zoom call or need to write down something before you forget. There is also an Easel Pad or a Standing Ceramic Board if that matches your style better.

4. Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Having nowhere to go is frustrating and being stuck at a desk is even worse. This list is not only work related productivity but comfort as well. This memory foam seat cushion is perfect for those who work at their desks for long hours. Depending on your chair, there are others for Lumbar Support or if you would like to treat yourself, a Back and Neck Massager. And yes, this is a productive work space product because if you are uncomfortable, you will struggle to keep your focus on your work. Trust me!

5. Productivity Timer

Now this is a little different. Not everyone will need this, but for those of you that are obsessed with your phones, a separate timer that is separate from your phone is what you may need. If you have difficulty with time management, this would be most useful in tracking your time working on projects or splitting your time between breaks. There is also this timer that is a clock with already segmented times, if that is more your calling.

6. Clear Monitor Riser

If you have not heard already, monitor risers are life savers. Adjustable ones like the one below are even better because they can be angled for typing comfort. This one works for simple elevation on small desks, so best for a laptop, but it can be used for a desktop as well. This will give you more space under the riser. There is also this Laptop Stand that is more adjustable and has rubber pads to keep your laptop in place. There is also the Levit8, which is a laptop stand that promotes standing, making it the greatest productive work space item.


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7. Lap Desk

Now, you really shouldn’t work on a lap desk if you want to be productive, but sometimes we need a break from our desks. This lap desk is sturdy and comfy, with micro-beads in the cushion, so you will not feel like your harming your back. It is portable and other variations include a phone or tablet holder or a drink holder. Don’t get too comfy, but if you want to lazily work in style, check out this Bamboo Lap Desk.

8. Pocket Organizer

This pocket organizer is necessary for those who have a lot of paperwork or classes to keep track of. It is the simplest product on this list and that makes it the most overlooked. We sometimes take advantage of the perfect organization in our out of home offices, so this will help bring some order in the household. There is also this great Mesh Letter Tray for those that do not have too much to keep track of, or if you want an organizer with a little more style, try this Accordion Document Folder by Sooez.

9. Desk Accessories

This is a two for one, just to make sure you have the products necessary for your desk. The first is the stackable mesh organizer listed below, because minimal organization is needed to stay focused. This organizer is lightweight and compact, so it will not take over your entire desk. Cluttered desk means cluttered mine. Then, this Desk Heater and Fan is great year round, since it looks like we will be at our home desks for a little while longer. It does not take up too much space and really heats up more than you would think.

10. MacBook Adapter

Lastly, for all of us who had to work on our limited laptop, this MacBook adapter is necessary. It converts your USB-C ports to 3 USB3.0, HDMI, and SD card reader. Do not think if you would need all of these ports because there will be a day that you need it. Working from home means having to be ready for anything the workload throws at you and this adapter can help with any sudden switches. This adapter is great for those photographers and filmmakers and while it is specific to MacBook, there are tons of other adapters for your specific laptop. Work productivity is all on how you make it work for you!

Which product was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!
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