26 Insanely Perfect Gifts For Movie Lovers

Gifts and products that every movie lover needs in their life! These ideas make the best gifts that movie lovers need in their everyday lives.

As an avid movie lover, there are articles that discuss products for certain niches of genres when it comes to the many varieties of films. Don’t get me wrong; I love reading those articles but I wanted to create a list of products that any movie lover would generally need and love in their day-to-day movie screenings. Below are 26 adorable gifts for movie lovers that anyone would need when watching their favorite film, along with film-themed products for any occasion.

1. Write It Down In A Journal

Keep track of every movie you have ever seen by writing it down in a journal that’s specifically for this purpose. Maybe that’s just me, but I have been keeping track of which films that I want to watch that are classics, so this is the perfect way to do that.


2. The Classic Movie Night Treats

A must for every movie lover is to have snacks! A Movie Night Gift Bundle does the trick for all the sweet tooth and salty treat fanatics out there.

3. A Game That Tests Your True Movie Knowledge

This card game is perfect for the movie obsessed and those who love to talk about movie facts all the time. A great way to show off your skills!

4. Turn Your Life Into A Movie With This Reel Frame

A film inspired photo album to showcase your life. You could even add photos of your favorite movies into the reel for extra creativity points.

5. Because What’s Movie Night Without Wine

What better way to watch your film and have your favorite wine by your side with this Vintage Film Reel Wine Holder?! Practical and old Hollywood film themed. Wine-related gifts for movie lovers don’t get much better than this.

6. Host Your Next Party In Style With This Cupcake Holder

If you are the kind of movie lover who will watch the Oscars and host a viewing party, then this Movie Reel Cupcake holder will sure be a hit!

7. The Clapboard Is A Must For Any Film Lover.

One of the most iconic props in film history; the clapboard. If you are working on a movie set, it’s a must. If not, it’s a great decoration in your room for any inspiring film director.

8. The Perfect Ornament

With Christmas always here before we know it, this cute Movie Buff Popcorn ornament is one is the cutest gifts for movie lovers in your life.

Movie Buff Lover Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament-Free Personalization and Gift Bag Included

9. Test Your Knowledge Of Famous Lines With This Card Game

A great deck of cards to test your movie know-how and quoting abilities.

10. Watch in Comfort With This Bed Rest Pillow

This Bed Rest pillow is the perfect comfortable cushion that your back will thank you for during that three hour movie. Just make sure to get up in stretch half way through.

11. Represent Your Favorite Movies Or Directors With These Totes

These bags are a great way to showcase all the movies that you love by a director or your obsession for a show like Stranger Things. There’s so many to choose from, you are bound to find your all your favorites on one of these totes!


12. “I Speak Fluent Movie Quotes” Mug

A cute mug to pair with a great film.

13. Two Words: #Leonardo #DiCaprio

If you are anyone, you knew how pivotal it was when Leonardo DiCaprio won his Oscar. This shirt says it all.

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14. Everything About This Pillow

The pillow that is the epitome of your true passion. Perfect gifts for movie lovers that catch all their favorite films on Netflix.

15. A Personalized Key Chain

Get this movie key chain to take with you wherever you go, and you can personalize it with your initial!

16. Earrings With A ‘Pop’

If you, or someone you know loves earrings, these popcorn studs are just what you need the next time you go to the movies.

17. Dress Up Your Outfit With These Cute Pins

Movie reel pins to give any outfit a little bit of an Old Hollywood feel.

18. A Throw Blanket For All the Cuddles

What better way to watch a movie than with a blanket to cuddle up with that has your favorite film on it?!

19. A Wall Decal For Any Room

The wall decal for anyone who doesn’t appreciate just one aspect of film, but all of the aspects and genres that make it what it is today.

20. Fuzzy Socks Are A Must Have

When you are having a movie marathon and are cozy on the couch, fuzzy socks are a must! You don’t want your feet to get cold and distract you from the film now, do you?

21. The Staple Sweatshirt

The sweatshirt for any cold day has become somewhat of a staple when it comes to fashion. Just another way to represent your favorite film or character in a comfy and stylish way! This one comes in many versions!

22. For Every Top… There’s A Bottom

Don’t forget to buy the matching sweatpants to complete the look!

23. Don’t Miss A Thing With These Rechargeable Headphones

Hear every word and don’t miss a funny line again with these wireless and rechargeable headphones while watching a film on any portable device.

24. In The Life Of … Alfred Hitchcock!

Any book about your favorite director is always a good way to learn more about your director’s techniques and directing style!

25. A Stay In Bed Tray For The Dedicated Movie Viewer

When it’s time for a snack (or let’s be honest, a meal) what better way to have it all in one place?! One of the best gifts for movie lovers by far!

26. A DVD Or Blu-Ray Rack

You know you love movies so much that you have your own little personal library in your house, so you never have to go without seeing your favorite movie when you want to watch it. Of course, you can buy them in a digital version but if you are old school, this one’s for you.

Do you know of any other gifts for movie lovers that should be on this list? Share in the comments below!

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