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10 Productivity Apps You NEED On Your Phone Right Now

10 Productivity Apps You NEED On Your Phone Right Now

Whether you need to keep yourself organized, focused, productive, these productivity apps are here for you! These productivity apps can be found in the Apple App Store, and may also be available in the Android App Store as well. 

1. Flora

Here is a productivity app that also doubles as a way to help the environment. Flora is a productivity app that you can use individually or connect across other phones so that you and your friends can stay focused. Its clean design is super simple to use. All you have to do is set the amount of time you or your group want to designate to your work and then press start.

On-screen you can see your virtual plant grow. If someone stops the timer or interrupts the app then the plat dies… do not be the person that lets the plant die! But, in the beginning, you can choose how much you want to donate if someone lets the tree die and interrupts the app. If you don’t want to or don’t feel comfortable setting a price you can always keep it at zero. 


All the donations go to planting trees across the world. It is not only rewarding for you because you get your work done, but it is also rewarding for the environment. 

2. Grammarly Keyboard

If you are someone who is a heavy writer, or even someone that sends emails at their job, this is a productivity app that you should not go one more second without having. It is an extension that gets attached to your browser as well as your phone’s keyboard and continually checks your writing for spelling and grammar errors.


As someone who writes… a lot… I know that the rules of grammar and punctuation are always changing and really, who can keep up with that? This productivity app is a great way to give yourself an edge if you are writing to apply for a job, or even just using it to communicate within the job you currently have. 

3. RememBear

With so many things being online these days we are being weighed down by having a ton of passwords. RememBear is a cute productivity app that stores all your passwords in one place. Stop having to reset your password every couple of months when you accidentally log out.


This productivity app even goes beyond just holding your passwords. It can even store your personal information like credit card info if you need it. 

4. Flow by Moleskine

Here is a productivity app that is great for your inner artist. Flow is a digital space that you can draw or take notes in. If you like taking visual notes and drawing out the processes then this is a great app for you!


This productivity app offers so many styles and colors to choose from. Even if you just need it to take down some simple notes, it is great for that too. Maybe you just need a space that allows you to create and be creative, then get this app now!

5. Taskade

If you have a job or a class that thrives on group projects then I highly recommend this productivity app. Taskade is a space where you can bring everyone together and be on the same page, literally and figuratively. You can put everyone’s tasks on one page and even chat and video conference together on this app, while you make changes to your project. 


This productivity app even allows you to choose between four different ways to view your project. You can view them in a list, individual boards, actions, or a mindmap. This productivity app is great for anyone because you can customize how you view things to fit your learning and your productive style. 

6. Sorted3

Here is a productivity app that allows you to plan out your day so you can efficiently use your time. By planning out your day, you can see everything that you have to do which allows you to maximize your time. Time management can be a huge problem not only for college students but also for working professionals. 


All you have to do is add your tasks for that day and then sort them by what you want to get done first. Then once you have completed a task, you can click the box and it crosses it out for you. You also do not have to add only work tasks, this is good to also add in lunch meetings or dates as well as other personal things like appointments to keep yourself organized. 

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7. Day One Journal

Day One is a journaling productivity app that allows you to not only write your thoughts but also reflect on your day and on yourself. You do not have to be a writer to use this app, it is made with everyone in mind. You can add text, pictures, audio, and even drawings to each entry so that you can get the most out of your journaling experience. 

8. Google Calendar

Google calendar is a productivity app that is not new and also is widely known. Even so, this is one of the best completely free productivity apps you can get on the app store. Google calendar allows you to add multiple calendars. For example, you could have one for school, one for work, and one for your personal life. 


Or maybe you want a way to keep your family’s schedules all in one place. Just add a calendar for each person! You can also import and export calendars so that you can have everything you need in one place. 

9. Evernote Scannable 

We live in an age that is constantly stuck between paper and digital, even though we are more digital than not. Still, there are many times we have a paper copy of some document that we need to now be online. What are you going to do? Go out and spend a lot of money on a document scanner? NO!


Download Scannable by Evernote. This productivity app allows you to take a picture of the document with your phone and then through the picture it scans the document and uploads it online. Making it easier to send documents to friends or coworkers.

10. Werdsmith

Werdsmith is one of the productivity apps designed with writers in mind. Werdsmith’s clean design allows for easy usage. Werdsmith is a place to put all your writing in one spot. Don’t lug around your laptop everywhere to write, just bring your phone. This app allows you to write anywhere and everywhere!


Which of these productivity apps are you excited to try? Which of these productivity apps do find helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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