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15 Pretty Reusable Grocery Bags From Etsy

15 Pretty Reusable Grocery Bags From Etsy

Reusable shopping bags are a good way to help the environment and shop in style. Here are 15 pretty reusable grocery bags you can get from Etsy!

Regular plastic shopping bags are terrible for the environment and they never actually hold any of your groceries without falling apart. There is nothing worse than carrying your groceries in and out of the car and having the bag rip open. To solve that problem, get yourself a reusable shopping bag! Here are 15 super pretty reusable grocery bags from Etsy!

1. Stripes

You can never go wrong with some stripes. These bags are super cute and will go with any outfit you are wearing. Saving the environment and shopping in style, it’s a win-win.


2. Crochet/mesh bags

Crochet bags are my all time favorite when it comes to reusable bags. They can hold wayyyy more groceries than any regular shopping bag, which is perfect for big trips!

3. Floral canvas

This pretty canvas bag is nice and sturdy to hold your heaviest items!


4. Bright floral canvas

If you didn’t like the dark pattern above, here is the same canvas tote in a bright floral pattern!


5. Eat real food

If real food means a pint of Halo Top and fresh baked cookies, I’m in.

6. BigĀ stripes

The rustic vibes from this striped bag is perfect if you’re going for the boho style.


7. Can’t forget the Pop Tarts

A reminder that everyone needs a little cheat snack.


8. Monogrammed pineapple

You can never go wrong with a monogrammed bag, especially with this cute little pineapple!

9. Fold up tote

This tote bag is eco-friendly and folds up to that little triangle, making it the perfect size to put in your purse and carry with you!


10. Colorful florals

If you tend to get a lot of bigger items, this bag is really deep, making it easy to squeeze everything in.

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11. Upcycled bag

Completely made from upcycled materials, this bag screams “fill me with organic goodness”.

12. Astrology bag

Big on astrology? Pick out your zodiac sign and show it off as you shop!


13. Colorful stripes

You can choose to get this bag in either vertical or horizontal stripes!

14. Floral and watermelon

The floral and watermelon are two separate bags, but I couldn’t decide on which one I liked more. So, why not just get both!?


15. Oranges

This orange bag is so bright and fun, making it the perfect grocery bag!

What are your favorite pretty reusable grocery bags to use!? Share in the comments below!

Featured Image: weheartit