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25 Prettiest Tattoos That Are Worth The Pain

25 Prettiest Tattoos That Are Worth The Pain

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Here are 25 of the prettiest tattoos that are worth the pain of sticking a needle into your skin for potentially hours. Some (most) are pretty niche fandom ones, but they’re so beautiful that it’s worth investing into the fandom just to get the tattoo. Seriously, I’m saving a couple of these for myself in the future.

1. Avatar Nations Tattoo

First up we have something simple and classic: the four symbols representing the four nations from the Avatar the Last Airbender universe. This is nice because you can arrange them to your liking: in horizontal line as shown, a square, vertical line, etc. Add a bit of color around each symbol for some extra oomph.

25 Prettiest Tattoos That Are Worth The Pain


2. Moon and Ocean Spirits

Next up are the Moon and Ocean spirits again from Avatar the Last Airbender. You remember them, Admiral Zhao kills the Moon Spirit during the attack on the North Pole. Princess Yue then gives up her life to resurrect it and becomes the new Moon Spirit, leaving Sokka behind to morosely tell Zuko that his girlfriend turned into the moon. That’s rough buddy.

3. Aang’s Glider

Maybe you want something more indicative of the Avatar himself. Then why not get Aang’s original air glider tattooed to remind yourself of the fun-loving airbender.


4. Epic Avatar the Last Airbender tattoo

Maybe you like pieces of all of the previous tattoos? Then consider this one, which features not only the four nation symbols, but also the moon and ocean spirits as well as the White Lotus tile.


5. Appa

But really, what better tattoo to get to commemorate your love of Avatar then to tattoo it’s true hero: Appa the Sky Bison. The period of time Team Avatar is without him is the worst, and the episode Appa’s Lost Days is heartbreaking to this day. Team Appa forever.

6. Avengers Tattoo

I actually got really excited when I stumbled across this one! This is a really subtle, if not needlessly complex, Avengers tattoo but it’s so pretty that I don’t even care. I’ve seen versions that don’t include the dots for the Infinity Stones, but honestly I think it looks better with them. I’m leaving this one on my Pinterest board for my own future tattoos.


7. Danearys Dragons

The only characters on Game of Thrones I loved as much as the Stark direwolves were Danearys dragons. This is another that’s getting added to my personal list because I’ve been wanting to get a Game of Thrones one for a while. The three flying dragons just look so majestic, and again it’s a subtle nod to fandom.

8. Dracarys

It was always thrilling to hear Danearys call out “dracarys” (except that last time, but we won’t think about that right now). I’m a fan of word tattoos because again, they can be as small or big as you want, and the dragon wing at the end is a nice touch.


9. Hogwarts

For you Harry Potter fans out there, Hogwarts castle is a great choice in the plethora of Harry Potter tattoos out there. After all, Hogwarts is home.


10. Star Trek Command Insignia

Star Trek fans rejoice! Get your preferred Starfleet insignia tattooed! The one here is for the command track, but it’s easily swapped out for Science, Engineering, what have you. Although you might want to rethink anything a red shirt would wear.

11. Espeon and Umbreon

This one is just so mystical looking, how could you not want it? It can be a matching tattoo with your best friend, significant other, parent, whoever if you didn’t want to get both yourself. They’re the best Eeveelutions so why would you not??


12. X-wing and Tie fighter

Star Wars fans I didn’t forget about you. Check out the cutest X-wing and Tie fighter tattoo that you ever did see. You can almost forget that one is trying to take down the other because it’s so pretty.


13. Rebel Alliance and Jedi Order

Speaking of BEAUTIFUL Star Wars tattoos, check these out! I would definitely get the Jedi Order one, I love that it’s filled in with the galaxy!!

14. Millenium Falcon

We can’t leave out the good ol’ Millenium Falcon. I love the clean look of this one, you can still tell it’s the fastest ship in the galaxy with Chewie at the helm (sorry Han).


15. Shards of Narsil

Lord of the Rings fans, you’ll recognize right away the sword that defeated the Dark Lord Sauron. This is a really neat idea I had never thought of, but I’m saving something else as my Lord of the Rings tattoo.


16. Tree of Gondor/Narsil hybrid

This one is pretty cool, it incorporates two important symbols of the kingdom of Gondor, surrounded by the text of the Ring whose master seeks to destroy them.

17. Evenstar

This is my favorite of the Lord of the Rings tattoos, and honestly the prettiest. This is the Evenstar, the necklace that symbolizes the star that Arwen daughter of Elrond is named for. She gifts the necklace to Aragorn as a symbol of her love and choice to live a mortal life at his side.


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18. The Lonely Mountain

If The Hobbit  is more your speed, consider this gorgeous tattoo of the Lonely Mountain as Smaug flies over it.


19. Book stack and tea cup

Bookworms love two things: book stacks and some form to caffeine in a cute cup. The perfect tattoo for you.


20. Flying pages

Do you fly through the pages of a book? Then this is the tattoo for you! Take flight through this new chapter.

21. Floral Book

If some color in your literary tattoo is what you’re looking for than look no further! This beautiful tattoos gives you colorful flowers floating around loose pages and an open book.


22. More cups and books

This one isn’t as ornate as the previous book stack and cup, it’s more cute than elegant. There’s really just so much you can do when designing the look of this concept.

23. Minimalistic book

I’m a fan of the more minimalistic tattoos, so this one fits the bill perfectly.


24. Book and Quote

The problem with quote tattoos is that I can never decide on just what quote I want. This one is a good contender though.


25. Dandelion Quote

I love the whole metaphor here, I might have to get this one.The message is just so inspiring, and I love dandelions.

What tattoo will you be getting? Let me know in the comments below!

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