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The Prettiest Fruits From Around The World You’ve Never Seen Before

The Prettiest Fruits From Around The World You’ve Never Seen Before

Check out our selection of fruits from around the world! In this article, you will discover the prettiest and most exotic fruits found around the world.

As far as fruits go, many know a few obvious ones: the apple, the orange, the peach, the pear and, from a botanical standpoint anyway, the tomato. But the existence of various fruits from around the world is much wider than those. There are fruits that can fit in the palm of your hand while others are larger than people’s heads! There are fruits that are crunchy and snap when bitten into but others have the texture of guacamole! And while these different, more bizarre fruits may turn heads, they can be just as pretty and just as nutritious. For example, there’s the…

1. Guava (Mexico)

Resembling a rough apple on the outside and a watermelon on the inside, the guava, quite surprisingly, tastes like neither of those things! Rather, it is extremely sweet and incredibly juicy. Guava juice is very popular in Latin America as it makes a good thirst-quencher without being as sharp or as acidic as orange juice. Have fun eating the fruit; it’s high in antioxidants and Vitamins A, B6 and C making just as good for your body as it is for your taste buds.

2. Lychee (China)

Pronounced “lai-chee” or “lee-chee,” this fruit is well-known for its floral fragrance, especially when eaten fresh. One you’ve peeled back its hard, bumpy surface, you can get at this fruit’s distinct, white flesh. It’s sweet, soft and sugary and is just small enough that, once de-seeded, you can just pop it right into your mouth and let your taste buds enjoy! This is one of the fruits from around the world which is particularly good for adults needing a little more Vitamin D in their diet as one lychee has a whopping 70 mg of it!


3. Dragonfruit (Central and South America)

Dragonfruit is one of the fruits from around the world that is just spectacular to look at from the outside what with its fireball-esque appearance. But the inside is a real treat in its own right! The dark seeds scattered in its lighter-colored flesh contrast beautifully with the bright reds and pinks of the skin. And as for the fruit inside, all you need is a spoon and an open mouth; the outer shell can be easily used as a makeshift container. Try this one if you need more Vitamin C or calcium in your diet.

4. Carambola (Indonesia)

The soft and juicy carambola, or starfruit, is a spectacle from Southeast Asia. As its nickname implies, it is shaped like a yellow five-point star although it’s hard to see this without taking a cross-section. The skin of the fruit is waxy but the inside is soft and juicy. Its taste is often described as tart and citrus-y but with hints of apple. And as for health benefits, it is low in sugar, compared to other fruits, but very high in Vitamin C and potassium so don’t be afraid to add this to your diet!

5. Durian (Thailand)

The durian is one of the most divisive fruits in the West. Many don’t like its pungent smell while others don’t want to deal with its spiky skin. However the inner fruit is surprisingly soft, to the point of being compared to cream, yogurt or guacamole. Its taste has been described as anywhere from meaty to onion-y to even custard-y. It may very well be that the exact description of the fruit, as well as what it can be compared to varies from taster to taster. But if you like it, then you’re in luck cause the durian is high in Vitamins B, C, potassium, dietary fiber and tryptophan.

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6. Buddha’s Hand (India)

The Buddha’s Hand is one of the fruits from around the world combining great fragrance and great strangeness! It is a type of citrus fruit known as a citron. Unlike a more conventional form of the citrus fruit, such as the orange or the lemon, the Buddha’s Hand is heavy on skin and rind. For this reason, it’s often used to make candies or religious gifts. But if you’re interested in having the fruit raw, you’ll be glad to hear that its low in sugar and calories and very high in dietary fiber.

7. Finger Limes (Australia)

The finger lime is one of the most fascinating fruits to come out of the Citrus family. It’s small, can be held between your fingers and resembles more a cucumber or a pickle than a citrus fruit but it’s also got one more trick up its sleeve. If you cut it in half and squeeze it, the inner flesh comes out in caviar style drops. It’s the same acidic taste in a very fun format! And a healthy one too as finger limes are rich in Vitamin A and potassium.


8. Cactus Pear (North America)

To finish off this list, we’ll talk about a fruit that can be found in the U.S. (although you might have to head to the Southwest to see it). The Cactus Pear is the bright-red, prickly seed-carrying body that grows on Opuntia cacti. They vaguely resemble watermelon, when de-skinned, and they vaguely taste of it too although the seeds are more numerous. As for essential nutrients and vitamins, the Cactus Pear is rather barren but if you need a drink then you’re in luck. This fruit is about 90% water.

Have you tried any of these fruits from around the world? Want to add a pretty fruit of your own? Leave it in the comments below!

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