30 Preppy Outfits To Copy Right Now

If I could buy a whole new wardrobe based on all the adorable preppy outfits I find on Pinterest, I would! I absolutely adore the preppy style. It always looks classy and mixes patterns and colors so beautifully. As I transition from a high school student to a college one, I hope to transform my wardrobe and copy the preppy outfits I have grown to love. If you are also wanting to transform your style into some preppier wear, here are 30 perfect preppy outfits to copy right now!

1. Summer Neckerchief

Gingham is a perfect preppy pattern that also works for casual wear. Add gingham to your summer outfit with a subtle neckerchief. Also pair your neckerchief with a soft cargo short, statement sunglasses, and a linen top.

A summer neckerchief is perfect for a preppy outfit!

2. Warm Patriotic Wear

Be patriotic all year round with a US flag sweater, a chambray top, and a blue and red vest. This outfit screams America but is also not tacky. While these three pieces pair wonderfully, they also work on their own.

Warm patriotic wear is perfect for a preppy outfit!

3. Bright Purse

Take a typical outfit to the next level with a bright purse. Kate Spade and Michael Kors sell beautiful versions. Fuchsia, deep orange, or red are wonderful colors to search for when looking for that standout bag.

A bright purse is perfect for a preppy outfit!

4. Keep It Comfy

Traveling can be tough and being comfy is super important. Instead of wearing a basic t-shirt and jeans, try throwing on a monogrammed pullover, metallic sandals, and matching luggage. Travel-wear is essential for a real prepster.

A monogrammed pullover is perfect for a preppy outfit!

5. Layers

Layers are great for any weather and always a safe bet. If you are going for a beach day, rain boots are an awesome way to avoid getting too wet. Also make sure to pair your nautical striped top with a warm sweater. Aviator sunglasses will make this outfit the full package.

Layering is perfect for a preppy outfit!

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6. Navy And White

Navy and white are the essential color combo in a preppy wardrobe. They look nautical but are also not too flashy. This baseball hat and sweater combo are a perfect example of how to rock navy and white seemlessly.

Navy and white is perfect for a preppy outfit!

7. Stay Cozy

When it starts to get colder out, your preppy style can still stay fully intact. Choose to stick with lighter colors like cream and blush. Also choose clothes that have a luxurious feel to them, like cashmere and wool. Finally choose accessories with small details like bows or gems.

Cozy layers are perfect for a preppy outfit!

8. Golden Pineapples

Get fancy with a tropical flair: golden pineapples. Chino shorts are a great way to be subtle the next time you wanted to add a fruity flair to your outfit. Add a matching golden belt to these adorable shorts.

Golden pineapples are perfect for a preppy outfit!

9. Jewels

Jewelry is a super classy way to spice up any outfit. Chain link bracelets, big watches, crystal-esque earrings, pearls, and pavé style necklaces. Jcrew offers awesome options to add to your accessory collection.

Jewelry is a perfect addition to any preppy outfit!

10. Pattern Mixing

A perfect preppy lady learns how to mix patterns. Stripes and cheetah look great together but so do polka dots with plaid. The trick to successful pattern mixing is sticking to two patterns and not mixing too many wild colors.

Pattern mixing is perfect for a preppy outfit!

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11. Scalloped Edges

Any basic outfit can be instantly upped with a scalloped edge. Day dresses look wonderful with a scalloped edge but so do seersucker shorts or the sleeves on a t-shirt.

Scalloped edges are perfect for a preppy outfit!

12. Tied Blouse

Take the regular blouse you have hanging around and make it preppy by simply tying the bottom in an adorable knot. This can also be a great way to add a nautical flair to your next summer look.

A tied blouse is perfect for a preppy outfit!

13. Well Fitted Blazer

The working preppy girl needs to look powerful in her clothes. A well-fitted blazer is the best way to look professional. You can layer a blazer over any dress or blouse and finally add in a large enough purse for your laptop.

A well-fitted blazer is perfect for a preppy outfit!

14. Ballet Flats With A Bow

Bows are a nice subtle touch to any classic outfit. My favorite way to add a bow to your outfit is through ballet flats. They are a chic and timeless choice for your wardrobe.

Ballet flats with a bow are a perfect addition to any preppy outfit!

15. Palm Leaves With Blush

Blush matches everything very well but in particular with the palm leaf pattern. As tropical as pineapples, palm leaves add an exotic touch to any outfit. Next time you travel somewhere sunny try this preppy color and pattern combo.

Palm leaf print is perfect for a preppy outfit!

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16. Yellow Raincoat

Add some cheer to a rainy day with a bright yellow raincoat. Showers will seem unapparent when your friends see this joyful rain gear.

A yellow raincoat is perfect for a preppy outfit!

17. Pencil Skirt

While a blazer is a sure way to look super professional, so is a pencil skirt. Warm days at the office can be difficult with bulky layers and pants but a skirt is a great way to add some air to your workwear. Try a patterned pencil skirt for some extra flair, like a stripe or cheetah print.

A pencil skirt is perfect for a preppy outfit!

18. Seersucker Dress

Blue seersucker is an awesome pattern to add to your preppy closet. A dress is a classic way to incorporate this stripy pattern.

A seersucker dress is a perfect preppy outfit!

19. Duck Boots

Replace your rainbows with a new pair of duck boots. These shoes are perfect for rain, snow, or even just fall weather.

Duck boots are perfect for a preppy outfit!

20. Cable Knit Sweater Any Season

A preppy girl can make a cable knit sweater work in any season. Pair it with shorts for summer, a skirt for spring, chinos for fall, or cords in the winter.

A cable knit sweater is perfect for a preppy outfit!

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21. Golf Ready

Tennis and golf are known as “prepster” sports. This does not mean they are low impact or easy by any means, but more that you can wear an adorable outfit to play them both.  Find an athletic tank top and skirt before your next tee time.

Gold outfits are perfect preppy outfits!

22. Floppy Hat

Derby parties are the best kind of party for a preppy girl. Add a floppy hat to your Lilly Pulitzer dress and you should be party ready.

A floppy hat is a perfect addition to any preppy outfit!

23. Ruffles

Turn an easy outfit into a preppy one with a big ruffle. A blouse with a ruffle across the chest is a lovely way to add some texture to your wardrobe.

Ruffles are perfect for a preppy outfit!

24. Chartreuse

Jcrew has proved neon can easily be preppy. Chartreuse can add a much needed pop of color to any outfit. The next time you head out to dinner with the girls, throw on a chartreuse cardigan.

The color chartreuse is perfect for a preppy outfit!

25. Puffer Vest

Vests are the ideal way to stay warm yet not too bundled up. The puffer style is great because it is extra soft.  Some cool styles to try on a puffer vest are quilted padding, herringbone pattern, and large pockets.

A puffer vest is perfect for a preppy outfit!

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26. Riding Boots

Even if you don’t ride horses, riding boots are still a great addition to your shoe collection. They are a great way to state your fashionable ways without being too in your face or covered in bold brands.

Riding boots are perfect for a preppy outfit!

27. Sweater With Jeans

Walking around the city is the perfect time to be casual yet very chic. Jeans, a sweater, and ballet flats look effortless yet fancy. For an added preppy bonus pair this look with pearl earrings and a large tote.A sweater with jeans is a perfect preppy outfit!

28. Trench Coat

Trench coats have always been in style and always will be. They can be worn from anywhere to the beach, under your bubble umbrella in the rain, or at your favorite cafe on a spring day.

A trenchcoat is perfect for a preppy outfit!

29. Top Tucked Into A Skirt

A preppy girl never forgets to tuck their top into their skirt. This is an easy way to make even a t-shirt look put together. You can also place a belt over the skirt to look extra classy.

A top tucked into a skirt is perfect for a preppy outfit!

30. Sundress

Finally, as we are in summer, a sundress is a must. Lilly Pulitzer makes my favorite ones but Reese Witherspoon swears by the Draper James ones. No matter the brand, a sundress will doll up your next summer look.

A sundress is a perfect preppy outfit!

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These are 30 preppy outfits to copy right now! Share your favorite preppy look in the comments below!
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