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25 Preppy Dorm Rooms To Copy

25 Preppy Dorm Rooms To Copy

You can spend endless hours shopping for dorm decor. So, we picked the cutest preppy dorm rooms to copy with stripes, florals, and ofcourse, Lily patterns!

Decorating your dorm room is probably one of the most exciting parts about moving in to college. But, it can also be the most hectic part. If you consider yourself to have a preppy style, your dorm room will probably have lots of stripes, florals, patterns, and most likely a lot of Lily. To make your shopping and decorating a little less stressful, we have come up with 25 preppy dorm rooms to copy and get some inspo from!

1. Mix & Match Colors And Patterns

Pastel colors blended with darker shades makes for a super cute preppy dorm look. Use wall art and throw pillows for your lighter shades and then add a cute darker colored blanket like the striped one below!

Stripes are perfect for preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this style:



2. Keeping Organized

It is so important that you keep everything organized around your desk and in your room. Use this space to put smaller pieces of wall art and desk decor.

Cute desk decor is important in preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this style:


3. Make Your Desk A Fun Space

A lot of your time is going to be spent writing papers or procrastinating on social media, so be sure to make it a bright and fun space. You aren’t going to be in the zone if you’re working in a boring space.

Fun wall art around your desk is perfect for preppy dorm rooms!

4. White And Gold

No matter what your style is you can never go wrong with white and gold. There are so many ways to add touches of gold from wall art and monograms to tassel banners and a throw pillow!

White and gold is super cute for preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this style:


5. Fun Patterned Bedding

Choosing a bright colored bedding gives you a lot of different ways to decorate your dorm room. You can match throw pillows to the colors in your blanket to really make the pattern and colors stand out.

Patterned bedding looks super cute in preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this style:



6. Blue And Green Theme

These colors blend so well together and look even better when you and your roommate coordinate your bedding. Adding pieces like a green lamp and a blue throw blanket really make this look come together.

Blue and green theme is perfect for preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this style:


7. Simple Monogram Wall Art

If you like minimal wall art, adding a simple monogram on to your wall can give you a really cute and preppy look.

Monograms are a must-have for preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this style:


8. DIY Headboard With Oars

If you love the nautical look, this DIY headboard is something you need to try. Add your own touch and paint over them to the color scheme and pattern that you like!

Nautical theme is perfect for preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this style:

9. Simple Pops Of Floral

Adding a little floral here and there can make a simple, but preppy look. Get this look by adding a throw pillow or actual flowers to your room!

Florals are perfect for preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this style:


10. School Pride

Chances are your school has a saying or rally cry that they pride themselves in. Show off your school spirit and make a little DIY wall art or try and find a piece off of Etsy. Add tassels around it to complete the look!

Show your school pride with DIY wall art in preppy dorm rooms!


11. Pink and Gold

If you are going for a classic girly look, pink and gold is perfect. Like the white and gold theme, this theme gives you a lot of room to decorate however you want. There a tons of pink and gold decor, bedding, and throws that you can use to complete this dorm room look!

Pink and gold is perfect for preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this style:


12. For The Ladies Who Can’t Get Enough Lily

Lily Pulitzer is known for the bright and fun patterns. If you love this look, you can get bedding and pillows to re-create this dorm room!

Lily Pulitzer bedding is perfect for preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this style:



13. Show Off Your Nautical Side

There are tons of way to get a nautical, beachy look in your dorm. Navy bedding is a good place to start, adding fun throw pillows on top. Wall art is important because there is a huge selection to help achieve the nautical dorm theme.

Having a nautical theme is perfect for preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this style:



14. Hanging PomPoms

Take your dorm decor one step further and add these really fun pompoms. This is a super easy way to add colors and make your dorm room really stand out.

Pom poms are perfect decor for preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this style:


15. Keep It Simple And Clean

Preppy doesn’t always have to be over the top with florals, patterns, and colors. If you want to keep it at a simpler look, you can pick neutral or white colored bedding. Add subtle color in pillows and wall art. Framing your favorite quotes in white picture frames can help pull this look together.

Simple wall art looks super cute in preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this style:


16. Under The Bed Seating Area

Dorm rooms can become cluttered really fast. To get the most out of your space, use under your bed as a seating area. By adding a futon, you give yourself and your friends a great place to hangout, do homework, etc. It also makes your room look a lot bigger than it is which is always a plus.

Floral bedding looks super cute in preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this style:


17. Make It Pop

If bright colors and patterns are your thing, you can go all out and use them throughout your dorm room. Add different frames and wall art around your room to get the most out of this bold and fun look.

Bright colors are perfect in preppy dorm rooms!


18. DIY Wall Decor

The best way to stand out and have a unique room is by having DIY wall decor. Make your own coozie by collecting all different coozies and framing them! If you don’t have any coozies, you can easily by a wide selection off of Amazon. Another way to get a DIY look is by taking clothes pins and hanging pictures off of a tassel banner!

See Also

Florals are super cute in preppy dorm rooms!

Copy this look:


19. Matching Bedding

Preppy dorm rooms and matching bedding go hand-in-hand. Figure out what colors and patterns you and your roommate both love and go from there. Add monograms on your side of the room for a personalized look.

20. Polka Dots On Polka Dots

If polka dots are your fave pattern, this dorm room is one you will fall in love with. You can get polka dot wall decals, lamps, wall art, bedding, etc.

Copy this style:


21. Have the Same Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme with your roommate is the best way to get a really cute dorm room. You don’t have to match the bedding and it allows you to distinguish between you and your roommate’s space.

22. Personalize Your Desk

This is YOUR space and you want everyone to know it. Use monograms on all different things on your desk.

Copy this style:


23. White and Florals

White and florals were made for each other. Keep the bedding white and simple with an added floral throw. Use a picture of flowers and string up some lights and you have the perfect preppy look.

24. Rustic Prep

The rustic look isn’t just for the bohemian styled dorm rooms. To mix in your preppy style, add a monogram to a wooden piece of wall art. Use your bedding to get in your florals, patterns, and colors!

Copy this style:


25. Reversible Bedding

This has to be one of my favorite preppy themed dorm rooms. By getting reversible bedding, you and your roommate can decorate based off of each other’s bedding. Using throw pillows and wall art for pops of color really completes this look.

Do you have any other favorite preppy dorm rooms?! Share in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own!

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