How To Prepare For Southern University Orientation

So you’ve made it past graduation and are now on your way to beginning your freshman year of college – congratulations! During this time of preparation, recent high school grads are not only enjoying their last summer of fun before college starts, but also participating in Southern University orientation. Here are some tips to prepare for Southern University Orientation and make your next step to campus as smooth as possible.

Arrange a campus visit prior to your Southern University orientation session.

This will help you become familiar with your surroundings. You can also look into seeing which dorm you will stay in, where you will eat, and the building that houses your field of study. Most importantly, you can make sure that before you come for orientation all you paperwork and required documents are up to date. It would be advantageous for you to go while school is still in session so that you can have a peek into what student life looks like.

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Create a brief packing list.

This list should include pens, paper, and other personal items that you would normally have with you throughout the day. Or, like in my case, if you are spending the night on campus, you should prepare to bring bedding, clothing, and other items that you would need anyway for the fall. It’s never too early to start gathering supplies for school.

Observe the weather and dress accordingly.

Notice what the weather is like, and use this information to your advantage when you’re packing your gear for the school year.

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Prepare yourself to be social.

I know that may sound horrifying to some shy people like me, but it will pay off in the end. Orientation is not only about preparing yourself for the next four years of your academic life, but it is also preparing you for the next four years of your social life. The people you meet in college could potentially be some of your life long friends. Also, it doesn’t hurt to network, especially with other people in your cohort. College is a time to have fun and build the foundation for your adult life.

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