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15 Pre-Pandemic Things We Have Taken For Granted

15 Pre-Pandemic Things We Have Taken For Granted

In the wake of COVID-19, the world was faced with the harsh realities of what it meant to be in a pandemic. There is no question that this virus has taken a huge toll on people’s health and their everyday lives. Simple things like human interaction and attending public events have suddenly disappeared. With that being said, here is a list of 15 pre-pandemic things we have taken for granted.

1. Our mental and physical health

Healthwise, the coronavirus has affected so many people in different ways. Not having the opportunity to visit family, financial stress due to the virus, isolation, and anxiety has increased the feelings of depression and even suicide. Our physical health has also been compromised as we stress every day about our health situation, not knowing how our body would react to an incurable disease. This has made us grateful for pre-pandemic times of more readily available and accessible resources, as well as just simply taking a breath every day. 

2. Traveling

Considering the coronavirus is an airborne infectious disease, global travel restrictions have been implemented, with many countries closing their borders. This has made some of us grateful for a time where we could hop on a plane to visit family, friends, or just see a different area of the earth through air travel. 

3. Watching movies at the movie theater 

Going to the theater to watch a movie could be an event in itself if you bought the right snacks and brought you’re favorite people or person to accompany you. Due to COVID-19, this has been stripped away for obvious safety reasons. It also made us grateful for all the pre-pandemic times we were able to soak in a funny or sad movie for the first time on the big screen. 

4. Going to concerts

Summers are made for concerts, especially if you’re a concert virgin. The dangers of going to a concert today are so high, making us wish we could transport to a time where things were simpler. This has made some of us grateful for that feeling of euphoria when you heard your favorite artist’s voice in real-time; the same favorite artist that has gotten you through tough emotional times like these. 

5. Buying toilet paper, hand soap, and cleaning products/trips to the grocery in general

While the news of a pandemic hit us like a rock, many people started stocking up in toiletries and cleaning products, wiping out a lot of essential items we need to use every single day to survive and stay healthy. 24 hour Walmarts closing early and not experiencing the mundane sensation of a grocery store is still not lost on us. This has made some of us grateful for our the pre-pandemic privileges in being able to afford things like toilet paper and finding what we need at the grocery store.

6. Visiting really young or old friends/relatives

There is a sad feeling in realizing the dangers of visiting grandparents or parents that are elderly that don’t live with you. Additionally, this holds true when you’re making sure your young children are safe from the possibility of contracting the virus when they go outside. This has made some of us grateful for the times we spent with our loved ones that live 20 minutes away or even 2 doors down. 

7. Eating out at a restaurant

Eating out is a fun way to spend time with family, friends, or go out on your first date with someone. Today, most people only do take-out, delivery, or drive-thru to be safe. This has made some of us grateful for the pre-pandemic times of genial little moments of human interaction, where we cherish unexpected reactions by eating new foods in a different setting. 

8. Going to school

There are more pros than cons to not going to school for students when looking at mental and physical health. Many people have also realized and remembered the drastic difference between now and a pre-pandemic time of being able to see your favorite teachers, your best friend, attending your favorite class, and partaking in after school activities. This has made some of us grateful for what school granted us outside of academics and dress codes. 

9. Handshakes, hugs, and kisses

Rewiring our behavior can be difficult, especially when it comes to going in for an automatic handshake, hug, or even a kiss on the cheek. This made some of us miss not having to constantly think about being 6 feet apart from the people we know.  

10. Going to the library

Not everyone goes to the library, but there are a select few who do. Librarians, students, the homeless, etc. This was a safe haven and a workplace for a group of people. It was a refuge. This made some of us grateful and think of those who seek shelter in these times and being jobless in a world that permits people from entering a place they call home. 

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11. Going window shopping at the mall for fun

Sometimes you shopped at the mall and, other times, you just went to get food, walked around, and just strolled with someone right beside you. These moments in a pre-pandemic world almost felt like a different era. We now feel like we’ve taken these moments for granted, as they’re difficult to recreate today.

12. Public transportation

Public transportation was one of the first things to take a hit during this pandemic. To stay safe, people had no choice but to find different means of getting to and from work. The convenience and accessibility of public transportation have made many understand just how quick something as essential, yet monotonous can be stripped away from you.

13. Being alone 

While numerous people are suffering in solitude during this pandemic, there are also many people who feel trapped by other people and seek freedom. Being stuck with toxic individuals is harmful, especially when there is no small physical way out from mentally draining situations. The pre-pandemic moments of going out alone for some type of therapy is really appreciated and needed during times like this. 

14. Services from essential workers

Essential workers range from healthcare professionals to the UPS delivery person, and a lot of us are grateful for everything they do to keep this world going. Their services make us thankful for two-day shipping Amazon packages and getting seen by doctors and nurse practitioners to make sure we are doing okay.

15. Small businesses that have everything you need

Ma and pa tool shops, beauty supply stores, bodegas, and open grocery stores have really come through for people lately. Having everything we need, small businesses remind us of the hustle, determination, and entrepreneurial and health risks each one is putting themselves through to get us what we need when we need it.

What are a few things you feel like you’ve taken for granted since the pandemic? Let us know in the comments below!